5 Ways to Fan Fest: Part Two

By George Rose

September 28, 2017

Fan festing like a boss.

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Previously on 5 Ways to Fan Fest: Our hero, George, started his two day Heroes and Villains convention on Saturday, September 16 with seven autographs from five celebrities. At best, he let the teenage Batman off the hook with only a few compliments and a handshake. At worst, he violated Superman’s personal space by stealing a sniff of his Kryptonian armpit pheromones. The $500 piggy bank was down to $100 with Stephen Amell’s Knocking Point Wine Party still to come before the final day of the event. Can our hero survive with barely a Benjamin as a budget? With his sidekicks Travis, Heather and Michelle by his side, nothing can stop him!

At this point, it’s about 5pm on Saturday. Travis and I met up with the ladies after he practically pried me off of Brandon Routh’s arm during our last autograph of the day. We changed and went out for a quick bite to eat. I was starting to get “hangry” and after an entire day of devoting all my energy to maintaining a family-friendly filter there was nothing left to hold me back. I didn’t drink at the dinner before the wine party because I didn’t want to show up to a nice event already wasted. I assumed this wine party was a fancy affair; I even packed a blazer just in case. When my friends told me not to bring any weed inside the party with me, I knew this function was classy. Then I was told to leave my coat behind. Jeans and a t-shirt would be ok. To me, this made the wine party more a ruffian extension of Fan Fest and less of a proper wine tasting thrown by Nocking Point. Why no weed? Why all the rules?!


As we walked into the convention hall, I noticed there were no drug-smelling guard dogs like during the convention. Ok, so I could have brought weed but, whatever, my car was a thirty second walk away. The wine party staff starts guiding us into the same room as Fan Fest and it becomes clear that this party is 100% a Fan Fest bonus that just happens to be Nocking Point sponsored, not some Deluxe Wine Party Wannabe. We walk in and see the massive section of the convention room that was assigned to celebrities panels was converted into a party area with a band on stage. Like, as we were at the party I could see the three Funko Pop stands that made up the miniscule “shopping” area. I could feel my naughty itch starting to tingle.

When you walk in, you are given a Nocking Point wine glass exclusive to the event. This is your bottomless wine glass for the night. You can go to any wine station and have your glass filled up with Nocking Point wine. You are also given two blue tickets, good for any drinks at the bar. This means either a liquor drink, beer or even a bottle of water. I decide to reward my sobriety at dinner with an immediate glass of wine. Followed by two more. In ten minutes. Wash that down with two shots from the bar and I was good to go. I saw Robbie Amell in the crowd but decided not to bother him. Yes, even drunk I showed some restraint. I knew I had my custom (and autographed from earlier) “Team Robbie” hat on and I didn’t want to do anything he would remember, because I would wear this hat again the next day for the professional photo-op.

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