5 Ways to Fan Fest: Part Two

By George Rose

September 28, 2017

Fan festing like a boss.

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Then a blonde angel appeared. She said, “Oh, it’s the end of the night. I’ll tell you what, if you buy that last Arrow/Casey shirt then I’ll give you a medium Nocking Point shirt for free.” I started jumping up and down with both shirts in my hand and thanked the blonde angel. I only had seven $20 bills left so I handed her two of them. She handed one back and said, “Don’t worry about it.” I went from one shirt for $25 to two shirts for $20. And this, my friends, is the moment the rest of my convention experience would be completely altered by. I leaned in and asked the angel, “Do you smoke weed?” She appeared confused, then looked around and said, “Well, yeah, sometimes.” I told her I’d be back in ten minutes to return the favor. My friends tried to stop me because, you know, they’re responsible but I came back ten minutes later with weed.

“Holy shit,” she said, “you actually came back.” I explained that a Lanister always pays their debts and that I was drunk but she was kind to me so I wanted to thank her. My money was extremely valuable to me since I only had $120 left but I had a bunch of weed so I didn’t mind giving $20 worth of it to the nice lady who hooked me up with shirts. She then complimented my custom “Team Robbie” hat and stated that she knows a superfan when she sees one. I told her I’d be at the convention the next day and she told me to look for her. I was informed she would be helping Stephen Amell out at his panel and I asked if she could get me on stage with him. She laughed, said probably not and I left.


The next day I felt bad. My friends had woken up to go to breakfast in the hotel lobby while I took my sweet time waking up with a hangover. They were nice enough, though, to bring me up food when they were done. We left shortly after and headed back to the convention. Though the day before I had the unexpected pleasure of enjoying the majority of the day alone while I went on my celebrity witch hunt, the Sunday of Fan Fest proved why sometimes it’s good to stick with your friends. What I didn’t really know or get to experience the day before was Heather’s disability badge. Apparently, if you’re eight months pregnant at the convention you can get a disability badge which allows you to skip the lines like any other handicap person gets to do when they are at a theme park or special function. I have never known such spoils.

The line for entering the building when the event first opens proved to be incredibly long. It would have been if not for Heather’s baby belly! We walked right past everyone and right into the convention. Since Stephen had missed out on Saturday, he advised fans he wouldn’t leave the convention on Sunday until every autograph desired was signed. He was the biggest star at the convention and he was only there for one day so it should go without saying that his line was MASSIVE. I mean, it would have taken almost three hours to wait in his line. We were told we couldn’t immediately skip the line because Stephen had photo-ops coming up (no selfies at the booth to help him save time for more autographs) so we were given a time to come back.

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