5 Ways to Fan Fest: Part Two

By George Rose

September 28, 2017

Fan festing like a boss.

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I avoided Robbie at all costs and with great success. I mean, maybe. To me, I was a ninja. To Robbie, I was probably as subtle as Pennywise with a fist full of balloons. Like, total creep show. Regardless, I assumed there was no contact. His cousin, however, would not be so safe. Stephen Amell had issues getting to the convention early enough to attend both days but he promised on Twitter that he would make it there in time for the wine party. Moments after I finished following Robbie Amell around, we saw a crowd congregating in the corner near one of the wine stations. As promised, Stephen made it in time and was now pouring the wine himself.

I pushed my way to the front but had to wait a few minutes for my turn because a bunch of skanks were trying to cut me in line. After screaming like all the other groupies around me I eventually got Stephen’s attention. At first, he smiled at me like any other fan. Then he looked up at my “Team Robbie” hat and laughed. I said, “Sorry I like him more. It’s not your fault. I prefer brunettes.” He stopped laughing because… well, I made it weird. He asked which wine I wanted (red, white or pink) and I requested pink. Then I realized he could probably tell I was gay because I chose pink wine. Then I realized I probably gave that away when I said I wanted to bang his cousin. Then I realized I was definitely TRASHED. I thanked him and stumbled off.


I took a break from the party and went outside for a cigarette. Then I stopped at my car and smoked a little from the peace pipe. After heading back inside I noticed a panel happening. Wait, WHAT?! Nobody told me the celebrities were gathering on stage for an X-rated panel. Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, Italia Ricci, John Barrowman and more congregated in the most exciting half-hour panel of the weekend. Since I was drunk and could barely pay attention, I recorded about twenty minutes of it on my phone to watch back later. Once the panel ended, a portion of the crowd left while the real party animals stayed behind. I took this opportunity to run over to the t-shirt stand. While rummaging through my car after dinner, I found a check for $40 that I hadn’t deposited yet. My remaining $100 budget was now $140. I figured that was enough for at least one Stephen Amell autograph and a Nocking Point shirt.

There were two shirts on display. One was a light blue t-shirt for the Nocking Point at Fan Fest 2017 Party. The other was a three-quarter length baseball style shirt with Arrow on one side and Case Jones on the other. Those were the two Funko Pops I brought to have Stephen Amell sign and I knew I had to have that shirt to take a cool picture the next day. When I went to the stand, the brunette saleswoman told me the shirts were $25 each. Then she said the Arrow/Casey shirt I had was the last one left and it was a small size. I asked if she would give me a deal and that I would buy the combo shirt in small and the blue Nocking Point shirt in a medium. She said no. I stood there drunk for ten minutes staring at the shirts in sadness.

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