The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

Good Job, Donkey

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 18, 2017

We wore this stupid outfit and all we got is... well, nothing, really.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, we traveled to Orlando International Airport then took the Magical Express to Walt Disney World. While we were away, Daron Aldridge did a lovely job of recapping the past two episodes. As his reward, he has taken his family to Walt Disney World. Box Office Prophets: fans of the Happiest Place on Earth.*

*=Disney nerd note: Disneyland is technically the Happiest Place on Earth. Walt Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth. You’d know this if you bought David’s book, Disney Demystified, now on sale for $4.95 at the Kindle store, $14.95 for the softcover version. Was this shameless? It felt kind of shameless.

Anyway, we hear that Vanck and Ashton aka Beauty and the Geek (which is which is in the eye of the beholder) are gone now. Also, Liz and Mike finished in last place but weren’t eliminated in the previous episode. That’s not surprising to us since the last time we saw them, they wanted to kill one another. What does surprise and annoy us is that Liz and Mike are still alive because…The Amazing Race.

Hey, Matt and Redmond aka The Boys are the first to depart this week! It’s almost like they’re better at this game than everyone else. They’re leaving at 11:15 a.m., which sounds great until you notice that they’re right next to a waterway in Venice, Italy. Nobody wants to leave there. Becca and Floyd aka Team Fun are almost an hour behind, departing at 12:08 p.m. Also, they’re wearing matching outfits today. #Twinsies!


What’s important about the departure segment is that Liz and Mike are only ten minutes between Brooke and Scott, the fourth place team. So, they may be in sixth place, but they are only a tiny bit out of fourth place to start the leg. Basically, it’s The Boys and then everybody else so far this season on The Amazing Race, and our two-week absence didn’t change that.

In fact, everyone immediately takes the same 16-hour boat ride to Patras, Greece. From there, they drive 100 miles to Arahova, Greece. There, they get to witness a traditional Greek wedding…and use the last double U-Turn of the race.

Picking up right where we left off, Liz and Mike take a wrong turn. Liz reads the map wrong, and they realize it quickly since everyone else turns the other way. Like a real man, Mike refuses to stop and ask for directions, instead demanding that Liz read the map correctly. She wants to turn around, which seems like the obvious choice.
While they debate, Brooke and Scott, the worst team this season and in recent memory, arrive at the U-Turn. They promptly U-Turn Liz and Mike, who already have to do something extra this leg as punishment for finishing last. So, at the 11-minute mark of the episode, we already know who will lose this leg and get eliminated. To add a splash of excitement, Tara and Joey also U-Turn Becca and Floyd, which isn’t very #Fun.

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