The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

Good Job, Donkey

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 18, 2017

We wore this stupid outfit and all we got is... well, nothing, really.

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What passes for good news for Liz and Michael is that they arrive at the U-Turn ahead of Team Fun. Becca and Floyd take the news well, though. We would go so far as to say that they have fun with it. They even name their donkey Speedy McSpeederson. Becca also does a donkey impression that, well, it stings the ears. Still, the funniest moment is when Liz and Michael see Team Fun. They’re shocked to learn that they still have some hope in this leg. They’ve actually finished one of the two sides of the Detour. Team Fun is only partway through the first one.

Liz and Michael look like they’re going to finish the second side and pull ahead. Only they screw it up. Huge. Both players must carry a goat to the groom. And that’s a weird sentence to type. Anyway, Michael doesn’t get his goat, so to speak. They have to walk back up a massive set of stairs that almost killed Michael the first time, wasting valuable time that they don’t have.

The great news for Team Fun is that their opponents already have to do a special challenge as punishment for finishing last in the previous leg. Those few minutes are probably going to wind up as the difference between Liz and Mike surviving and their going home. The ONLY good news for Liz and Mike is that they do finish the second side of the Detour before their opponents. The question is whether the gap is large enough.

Back at The Zappeion, Tara absolutely crushes the challenge on the first try. The Boys get a bad break here. Matt chooses to perform the task, which is unfortunate since Redmond has similar military training to Tara. While Matt is an Olympic athlete, his skill doesn’t translate well here. Brooke actually beats him, which means that as long as Scott and she don’t screw this up, they’ll finish in second place. You see where we’re going with this.

Team Mom and Dad win the leg by a pretty wide margin. They receive $7,500 each as their prize, which is better for them. Negotiations over who goes on which trip would be awkward for two adults who are married but not to each other. A bit later, the second place team arrives…and it’s The Boys. Brooke and Scott somehow turn their lead into a third place finish. They also get so lost that The Boys check in during twilight hours. When Brooke and Scott arrive, it’s well after dark. They’re really, really bad at this.


Whether the editing is intentionally misleading or not, the final segment shows Liz and Michael and Team Fun driving in the same area at roughly the same time. Becca and Floyd are the first two players to arrive at the Olympic Stadium. That’s probably the ballgame right there.

At some point afterward, Liz and Michael show up and do a Speed Bump. It involves food preparation, which leads to a humorously differing reaction from the two players. Michael is a butcher, so the requirement of working with animal intestines to make food is basically what he puts on his resume. Liz is horrified from start to finish of a Speed Bump that Michael claims that he crushed.

Michael speaks at least some level of truth. When he and his partner arrive at The Zappeion, Team Fun is still there. It looks like Liz has tried a couple of times already. Sure enough, she finishes before Liz is ready to try. As long as Team Fun doesn’t pull a Brooke and Scott, they’ll survive the week. And they don’t!

Team Fun finishes quickly enough that Liz and Michael aren’t even able to see them at the finish line. To their credit, the last place team does say extremely kind things about one another after learning that they’re eliminated. They describe their relationship as sibling-like, pointing out that they even yell at each other like brother and sister. While that’s true, we actually think Liz has a small crush on Michael. She understands that he’s pushed so hard to help his daughter and seems to really dig that about him. Maybe they have a better shot at flirting now that they’re not in such a dramatic situation.

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