The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

Good Job, Donkey

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

May 18, 2017

We wore this stupid outfit and all we got is... well, nothing, really.

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The Detour options are For the Bride and For the Groom. For the Bride requires players to deliver two huge jugs of sheep milk to two cheese makers, who then trade specialty cheese in return. The bride gets the cheese. For the Groom is a race is up a staircase with 252 steps to find a shepherd who will give them a sheep. Women get cheese, men get sheep. John Gray has a new idea for a book!

Liz and Mike are yelling at each other. Mike knows that they’ve already lost, and he blames Liz. He is doing this race for his daughter, which sounds lovely in theory. In execution, he’s setting a pretty example about how to treat others. Also, his stubbornness about keeping on the road rather than turning around is world champion-level manly.

The teams all agree to get cheese. Presumably, nobody feels the need to go out on a limb since the top three teams know that either Liz and Mike or Team Fun is going home. They’re just aiming for par on this leg. The end result is predictable results involving donkeys and milk. Team Mom and Dad are the first ones to complete it, with The Boys next followed by Brooke and Scott. Team LoLo was actually quite a bit behind and worried that they’d fall victim to a U-Turn. They have NO cause for concern. The only debate about the top four teams this week is order of finish.

Hey, Mike agreed to turn around! That’s quitter talk. A real man would have driven them straight into the Mediterranean Sea.


The discrepancy between the frontrunners and the slower teams is about as large as we’ve seen on an episode in several years. At the 22-minute mark, Team Mom and Dad arrive at the site of the first modern Olympics. Phil tells them to run a lap around the stadium to receive their next clue. It looks slightly uncomfortable since they’re running with backpacks, but the majesty of the stadium keeps them distracted for the full lap. This is a nice moment and something the show should do more. Teams don’t get enough chances to appreciate the beauty of the countries that they get to visit.

The Roadblock is at The Zappeion. The teams must make their way “on foot” up to this building. Then, they must master a changing of the guard routine. It’s insanely complex, but Team Mom and Dad are thrilled to learn about it. Tara is career military, so she’s been doing this sort of stuff for her entire adult life.

At the 25-minute mark, Liz and Michael find out about the U-Turn. Michael deserves this for turning around like a quitter. As they walk away from the board, the two of them vent a bit. Both of them have helped the other teams, occasionally to their own detriment. Michael recounts how he helped Brooke during the ladle challenge when she was in tears for the body of several hours. She promised at the time never to U-Turn him. He has a point. Brooke is kind of a monster.

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