Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 10: A Line Drawn in Concrete

By Jim Van Nest, BOP Game Changer

May 1, 2017

I'm actually 86% less pleasant than I look

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Hello good people and welcome back to Survivor: Game Changers. I'm your fill in host, Jim and I couldn't be happier to be hanging with y'all tonight. Last week we had a boring yet confusing boot in Hali and a much more standard merge boot, with Ozzy being sent home after failing to win immunity for 2 challenges in a row. While everything seemed pretty much according to Hoyle, there were some issues of note. First off is that Zeke, despite being in an incredibly solid position coming into this episode, decided to go rogue on his alliance and start targeting Andrea. This pretty much made Cirie and Andrea start to target Zeke. Meanwhile, the other alliance decided to hone in on Ozzy, thus knocking the numbers away from the Cirie-Andrea-Zeke fractured alliance.

To set the table for tonight's episode, we're looking at a very solid 6 person alliance of Brad, Sierra, Tai, Debbie, Sarah and Troyzan looking to Pagong the rest of Cirie, Andrea, Zeke, Michaela and Aubry. I specifically listed all the names here to point something out. Look at the controlling alliance. You have 2 people who fizzled at the merge (Sarah and Debbie), Culpepper who didn't even make the merge, 2 people who did very little to propel themselves to the end of their respective seasons in Tai and Sierra and then Troyzan who just ran into the buzz saw that is Kim Spradlin. Now, let's look at the other side. Cirie - considered one of the top strategists to ever play the game. Andrea and Zeke were both considered huge strategic threats in their previous seasons. Aubry should have won her season with a stellar strategic game and Michaela who has shown that she has the chops for this game, despite kinda pissing everyone off this season. What I'm saying, in short, is that the brains are all on one side of the scale here and it would not shock me a bit to see them pull something off and turn the tables on Brad and Sherriff Dawn Thomas tonight. Ok, enough of me, let's get to the show!!


We begin back at camp right after Tribal and Debbie is thrilled with the vote of Ozzy and proceeds to tell us how locked in their alliance is. It's just a matter of picking them off one by one. Also, Andrea is furious with Zeke. They try to talk it out after Tribal but Andrea just wants to insult him and be mad. He decides to move away from this conversation and he takes Sarah to the watering hole. She apologizes to him for not including him in her decision that night, but she really wants to work with him. Now, tell if you've heard this before. He gladly accepts her apology and totally understands why she did what she did. It's often been said that when a non-winner returns to the game, they try to play the game of the person that won their original season. What Sarah just did with Zeke is Tony Vlachos 101. He would do whatever the hell he wanted at Tribal. Vote with whoever the hell he wanted and then come back to camp after and apologize to the people he voted against and explain to them why he did what he did. And they always forgave him. So much so, they gave him a million dollars. Sarah is totally channeling #TeamTV right now and it's working. Well done, Officer Sarah!

We come back from break on Day 25 to a Probst Sighting! We see some shots of the course as well as a note marked "Secret Advantage". Wait, what? Jeff explains the challenge as a 5 on 5 challenge - which automatically means 1 person will be sitting out. The challenge includes a water obstacle course complete with balance beam, netting and a ladder slide thing. They'll go through 1 at a time and when all 5 people are through, they'll need to use a grappling hook to grab 5 rings out of the water. First tribe to get all 5 rings wins a sweet sea plane ride over this amazing group of islands here in Fiji as well as an awesome lunch. It's a school yard pick with 1 person being left out of the challenge. Team captains were Brad and Cirie. Brad has Debbie, Sierra, Andrea and Aubry. Cirie has Troy, Zeke, Tai and Sarah. Michaela not picked. Um, what??? First off, Michaela is a challenge beast. Second off, her island mom, Cirie, was a captain and didn't pick her girl?? Suffice it to say, Michaela is PISSED! So pissed that she fails to notice the #SecretAdvantage hidden on the leg on the very bench she's sulking on. I feel bad enough for her that I hope she finds it, but at the same time, she needs to get over herself a little, chill out with the attitude and then maybe she won't keep finding herself on the outside looking in. This ain't Millennials v Gen X. These are serious players that have no time or patience with her bitchiness.

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