Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 10: A Line Drawn in Concrete

By Jim Van Nest, BOP Game Changer

May 1, 2017

I'm actually 86% less pleasant than I look

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Culpepper makes quick work of the course while Tai struggles a bit including crawling across the balance beam. Sierra practically laps Tai, but Troyzan makes up some serious time and Sarah catches up as Aubry struggles with the balance beam. Zeke and Debbie are now on the course at the same time. Debbie, former gymnast and balance beam extraordinaire, decides to crawl across the beam. Zeke can't stay on the beam and Andrea actually laps Zeke finishing the course while Cirie has yet to hit the course. Cirie, easily the worst challenge competitor on any season just kills any chance they had of keeping up. Sierra and Culpepper are quickly bringing in rings and this challenge is over. It's not a contest anymore. Now, the concern is whether or not Cirie will complete the course. Sarah dives in the water to help Cirie. It means she'll have to do the course again, but she refuses to give up on Cirie. What happens next is both ridiculous and touching all at the same time. Culpepper wins the challenge, but no one really cares, it's all about Cirie finishing this obstacle course. It is a very touching moment about not giving up no matter what. Her whole team is there with her to cheer her through the balance beam. Probst calls it one of the most powerful moments on Survivor. And I hate to be a stick in the mud - but people have trouble on challenges all the time. I'm not sure what made this the challenge the one where we essentially stop the show so one person can conquer their fear - but there is an interesting development because of it. Due to Cirie's fatigue, Jeff decides not to make them swim back to shore, but to call a boat to come get the losing team to take them back to the beach. As they all board the boat, Sarah happens to catch a glimpse of something interesting on the foot of the bench Michaela was sitting on through the whole challenge. Amazingly enough, with no one seeing anything, Sarah is able to climb up on that platform, untie the advantage and stash it in her shoe. Wow...everything's coming up Sarah tonight!

We get back to camp with the losers and Cirie tells us about the challenge. She's very touched and proud that she kept trying and then completed the challenge. The rest of the tribe is incredibly supportive about this, considering that they lost one of the sweetest rewards ever. She goes on to tell us that she has no chance to win the game by winning challenges so she's going to have to keep building on her relationships with everyone on the island. And finally we get to the advantage Sarah found right before the commercial. She gets a moment to herself to read her parchment. She tells us about finding the advantage and how it's the attention to detail she's learned while being a cop. She mentions that most people driving down the street wouldn't know if the car in front of them has an expired license plate. I have to say - I'm not a cop - but anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows that I notice that shit. And I take pictures of it and post them on the interwebs. It's just one of those things I do.


But I digress; let's get back to the advantage. Looks like Sarah has found herself a vote stealer!! At any Tribal Council all the way to the final 5, she can announce to Jeff that she wants to steal someone's vote. She'll pick the person and their vote will not count and she'll get to cast a second vote. This vote is non-transferrable and cannot be stolen from her. She is very excited about this turn of events. She tells us how people don't play these kinds of votes correctly, but she'll be the first one to play it correctly. It's a very interesting time for her to find this vote too, right? We're at 11 where there is a 6-5 split right now. She can pick a side at this Tribal and then use her steal to do whatever she wants at the next. This gives her an amazing opportunity to continue her Tony-like play by following up her flip on Ozzy with another flip and then possibly using this vote stealer to flip again. I can't wait to see if she manages to work in all the possibilities I see with this vote stealer.

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