Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 10: A Line Drawn in Concrete

By Jim Van Nest, BOP Game Changer

May 1, 2017

I'm actually 86% less pleasant than I look

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So, with that in mind, we're back to play "It's Anyone but Andrea." Brad tells us that everyone wants to get rid of Michaela, but it's smarter to get rid of Andrea. He explains to Debbie and Sierra that Andrea has to be the play. She's a strategic and physical threat, so she has to go next. They lock it in with Tai, Troy and Sarah. However, Sarah tells us that the decision was made without even talking to her. They just pulled her in and told her what to do. What they've actually done here is let her know exactly where in the pecking order she stands. That would seem to be last. She's not down for that so it might be time to make a move. Sarah goes to Zeke and asks him if following along with the majority is still the best play, because she's ready to make a move. He is also ready to make a move because being the 7th person in a 6-person alliance isn't anything he wants to be a part of. They do realize, however, that they have to do something to bring in Andrea if this is to have any shot at working. So Sarah heads off to talk to Andrea. And once again, everything's coming up Sarah - she plays this brilliantly. She lets Andrea know she's not alone and that they can still work together. THEN she asks what Andrea wants to do. She admits to being in with the 6 person alliance even though she knows she's #6. She's using this to be a double agent and she is ready to make a move with everyone else, they just all need to get on the same page. So, it looks like Andrea and Zeke are on board, despite hating each other and not wanting to work with each other. And there we have it kids - locked and loaded. #Blindside coming up!

Wait a minute, not so fast. Sierra takes a shot at Sarah talking about how close they are and how they've bonded. She tells Sarah that she doesn't care how everyone gets voted out as long as it's the 2 of them and Debbie sitting in the Final 3, that's what she really wants to happen. Now, Sarah is wavering on making a move against Sierra. Maybe she's not on the bottom like she thought. And just when it looks like all hope is lost, Debbie starts running her mouth. We see her telling Aubry that the 6 of them will decide who to vote for. Sarah may not like and trust Aubry, but Debbie does, so Michaela will be going home tonight. She tells Aubry that there might be a way into the alliance, if she proves trustworthy. As Debbie tells us that she might need to use Aubry down the road, Aubry does a sweet eye roll right into the camera. I should probably point out that it was right around this time her last time out there that Debbie found herself on the right side of the numbers. She got power hungry telling people how it was gonna be. Yeah - it pissed Aubry off and she made sure Debbie went home that night.


And just like last time, Debbie has kicked Aubry into high gear. And frankly, Aubry's high gear far surpasses anything Debbie has in this game. She goes to Michaela and Andrea to relay the conversation, which only solidifies the 3 of them. She then goes to Sarah to tell her that Debbie offered to put Aubry in the alliance over Sarah. As Sarah mentions that she hates liars, Aubry responds, "She's a grade A liar." Then goes on to tell Sarah how they have her back and they'll do whatever she wants. This just in - Aubry is really good at this game. As the music builds up to Tribal, Sarah lays everything out for us again and then ends it all with, "I'm gonna decide at Tribal." Yeah! Just what Jeff likes, a #LiveTribal!

Jeff begins by asking Cirie about the reward challenge. She says she was amazed by the help she got from all the other people, especially Officer Sarah. Sarah says that she just couldn't watch Cirie struggle and she doesn't see how anyone could have watched her and not helped. Andrea talks about how devastating the immunity challenge was since she is clearly on the bottom. Jeff asks her how she knows she's on the bottom and she beats around the bush a little, which gets Zeke shaking his head. Jeff asks him about it and he basically calls out the 6-person alliance and how they went into the woods and decided who was going home. Jeff goes to Debbie and she confirms that the meeting did happen and that it was great and easy and only took 10 minutes. He asks Sarah what it's like to be part of the group that's making the decisions. She says it's all about being on the right side of the numbers and can you really blame them for feeling secure? Debbie goes on to tell us that there is no way that the 6 can be broken up. Troy is happy with the way things are. He says you get to the final 6 and worry about after when that happens. Zeke, on the other hand, suggests that the deck reshuffles after every vote and that he's hoping that after this reshuffle, there'll be a place for him to make a move. Sarah responds saying she thinks it is wishful thinking that the deck reshuffles. With all of that out of the way, it is time to vote.

We don't see many votes this time around. We see Debbie voting for Andrea saying something no one giving orders or taking orders because their 6 is a democracy. We also see Andrea's vote for Debbie saying that she hopes Debbie is for a rude awakening. And with that, Jeff is gonna tally the votes. No hidden idols are played. As expected, it breaks down to Debbie versus Andrea. Also as expected, the first 10 votes are split 5-5 between the 2, leaving Sarah’s vote as the tie-breaker. 10th person voted out and the 3rd member of our jury - Debbie! BOOM! Sierra looks lost. Brad is trying to figure out who flipped. Troy isn't sure what the hell just happened. Ozzy is both thrilled to see Debbie get her comeuppance and devastated that he's going to have to spend the rest of his time at Ponderosa - with Debbie. So, Sarah made the move she refused to make last time out. She's saved her vote steal AND she got rid of a royal pain in her ass that was spreading lies about her. She has the perfect story to take back to camp and Vlachos her way out of this. "Yo, Brad - she was telling people lies about me, talking about how she wanted to replace me with Aubry in the alliance. This was a vote against Debbie - not against you guys. I'm still with you and I'll prove it with my next vote." It's been a long time since I can remember one person having as nice an episode as Sarah had tonight. Looks like my Cagayan winner pick wasn't so dumb after all. Well done!

Next time on Survivor: with the tide turned, everything seems to be up for grabs. We see Sierra go to talk to Andrea and Cirie with Andrea telling us it's time to make the really big move. While Zeke is staring up conversations with Culpepper and Troyzan. He says that with the game wide open, he can get back to playing the way he wants to play. And with an even number AND a vote steal out there - things could be VERY interesting at Tribal. Y'all have me for one more week and then David and Kim will be back to take you home. Til next week - take care!

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