Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 10: A Line Drawn in Concrete

By Jim Van Nest, BOP Game Changer

May 1, 2017

I'm actually 86% less pleasant than I look

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Oh yeah - 1 tribe won a reward or something. As they're flying over the islands, Debbie reminds us that she's a captain in the Civil Air Patrol - Air Force Auxiliary, so she just loves airplanes but she's not as star struck as everyone else. You know, like Brad Culpepper - former NFL Player - he hardly ever gets to be on an airplane. And by the way, the Air Force Auxiliary she keeps referencing - it's a not for profit organization that arose back in the late 30's early 40's as civilians who could fly wanted to volunteer to help the war efforts without actually joining the military. They were an integral part of the effort with one of their main tasks being rescue missions and saving hundreds of crash victims. The organization was kept after the war where their 3 main primary missions are aerospace education, cadet programs and emergency services. While I applaud anyone in the organization, especially the active members, it is not a branch of the service which I feel like Debbie constantly suggests. Anyway, I was curious and I thought some of you might be too. Back to the action!

The plane finally lands and the feast is on. Brad tells us that his plan in picking his team was to leave a couple people behind to keep an eye on the rest of the tribe. Troy and Sarah were those 2. As they all talk around the table, talk turns to what the deal is between Andrea and Zeke. Sierra is riding high and loving life. She loves seeing Andrea and Zeke feuding. They should totally be banding together to combat her forces, but they're not. She is in total control of the game and couldn't be happier.

Meanwhile, back at camp, one of Brad's spies is cozying up to Cirie. Sarah asks her who she thinks is running the show. Cirie says Sierra is running the show and they're just gonna start picking people off one by one. And eventually, they're gonna come for her. Sarah asks Cirie if she were to be in the final 3 with Brad and Sierra, would she have a chance? Cirie told her not a chance. They'd just claim they carried her to the end and they made all the decisions. Sarah tells us that last time she played, she played it safe and didn't make the big move and all it got her was a seat on the jury, so she's not going to do that again. She starts counting people with Cirie. The two of them and Michaela and Aubry makes 4. Then the realization hits them that they need Zeke and Andrea to kiss and make up if they want to have any chance to make a move here. Cirie seems to think they can repair things with Andrea. As we head to break, Sarah is really back and forth about whether or not the timing is right to make a move.


On Day 26, it's time for another Probst sighting!! This is a great throwback challenge. They have a balancing platform attached to a long rope. They have to balance the platform while walking back and forth with puzzle tiles that spell out Immunity. The first person to stack all 8 tiles, in order to spell "Immunity" will win immunity and be safe from the vote. If they drop their stack at any point, they have to start over. The challenge starts off as these challenges usually do, except for Tai. He decides to try to stack his tiles in the order he'll need them, but he’s struggling to do so. I mean, they're pretty deprived of both food and sleep AND English is not his native language, so he's really struggling with this. And it actually takes him completely out of the challenge. Andrea is out to an early lead with Debbie and Sierra close behind. It pretty much stays this way through most of the challenge. Aubry, Brad and Troy get in on the action a little with Zeke, Cirie and Tai pretty much out of it. Sarah drops her entire stack basically taking her out of the challenge. Aubry also drops and it pretty well out. Andrea and Troy are now neck and neck with the 7th letters and Andrea loses it, which gives Troy a completely open course to place this one last letter. Culpepper is in a place to challenge, but loses his stack. Troy takes his time and easily wins immunity. THIS IS HIS ISLAND!! Sorry, flashbacks. As we head to commercial, Sierra is excited that one of her alliance won immunity which gives them the freedom to get rid of whoever they want - and if she has a say in it, that would be Andrea.

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