The Amazing Race Season 29: Episode 2

Scared Spitless

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 13, 2017

We want them to do a buddy cop movie.

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The rest of the leg is uneventful. Ashton oddly mentions that they finished ahead of Liz & Michael and should have won the leg, which isn’t true. She may not have even realized that Liz passed her, though. The order of finish for the next several teams is Matt & Redmond, Seth & Olive, Becca & Floyd (yay!), Brooke & Scott, Tara & Joey, and London & Logan.

The editors try to build a sense of suspense about Shamir & Sara. It helps that the Swole Sisters do finally arrive at the skyscraper before their opponents can leave. Even that proves to be a detriment, though. A bicyclist drives around with the clue. They ask Sara where it is, and she cleverly but cruelly points them in the wrong direction…as the bicyclist drives right by them. The distraction prevents the women from getting the clue. They walk around aimlessly as Shamir…tries to get feeling back in his testicles.

Yes, this is a thing that happens in tonight’s episode. Shamir puts on the harness and promptly complains about testicular restriction. While washing the window, he angrily demands that the helper lower him to the ground. Shamir literally breaks a window to let them know that he’s in danger of “my testicles rupturing.” It’s funny, but it also makes us wonder about the jackasses in charge of running this apparatus.

Shamir DOES complain immediately. He also has to ask for medical attention. While he’s already displayed his temper in this episode, this situation feels different. Shamir enters an ambulance (!) and angrily shuts the door so that the cameraman doesn’t film him during his unexpected prostate exam. The fact that he had to do this is indicative of how apathetic some of The Amazing Race’s crew is about the medical status of its players. Around this time, Sara tricks the Swole Sisters. Sara is equally callous about the condition of her partner. All she cares about is whether they survive the leg. It does lead to an interesting debate. Would a man rather have healthy testicles or a million dollars? Is this already a Japanese game show? If not, it should be.


Anyway, Shamir does finish the challenge first. Then, Sara and he arrive at the Pit Stop, where Shamir angrily throws his backpack and stomps around Phil. The host of the show is unamused and clearly has a problem with the immature actions. He also wonders if it crosses over into how Shamir treats Sara. She dutifully supports her partner, but his body language speaks volumes. He turns away from her. He also stands upright in a confrontational position.

Phil actually seems hopeful that Shamir might quit, even offering the younger man the option. Alas, Shamir already has busted balls. So, he figures that the worst has already happened. Sometime after that, the women around and learn that they are, as expected, the last team to arrive. They are eliminated from the race.

Even so, what happened with Jessie & Francesca was rather impressive. They got into a dustup before they were partners. Once they were teamed together, however, they were sunshine, smiles, and joy. And if Phil had the choice, they’d stay while Shamir was escorted out of the hotel that evening.

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