The Amazing Race Season 29: Episode 2

Scared Spitless

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 13, 2017

We want them to do a buddy cop movie.

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Shamir does make a small tactical error, though. He loudly announces to his partner that he’s sure that’s the best flight. In the tight quarters, Brooke overhears this comment and cleverly asks her agent to book her on standby for that flight. As this happens, the flight sells out. Somehow, this costs Shamir a room also. He…doesn’t handle his disappointment well. His partner, Sara, is taken aback by his rage and has to calm him down so that the travel agent can get them on a different flight.

The quirk of the frenzied negotiations is that 11 teams wind up on six flights to the same airport in Brazil. Vanck & Ashton and Matt & Redmond are on the first flight. Seth & Olive, Shamir & Sara, and Brooke & Scott are on the airplane that will arrive second. Liz & Michael wind up by themselves on a flight, which is historically either really good or really bad for a team. London & Logan are in the same situation, albeit on a later departure. The fifth flight features Becca & Floyd and Tara & Joey, while Jessie & Francesca wind up as the only ones on the last flight.

Stating the obvious, the Swole Sisters are in trouble. They mystery here is why there’s such a shakeup in the team orders from the rest stop until flight arrivals.

First up in Sao Paulo is a helicopter ride to the top of a skyscraper. After that’s done, the players must travel to Praça da Sé to pick up their next clue. A hilarious situation unfolds as Vanck & Ashton make an agreement with Matt & Redmond. The teams will flip a coin to decide who gets to go in the helicopter first. The man/woman team expresses their intent to honor this agreement. Matt & Redmond assume that their opponents are lying. After all, the dudes know that they have no intention of flipping a coin. They’re casually dismissive of any verbal agreement on The Amazing Race whereas Vanck & Ashton are quite noble.

“We may have been jerks. A little bit.”


The guys sign in and sit in a waiting area. The other team arrives, and the guys are deliriously happy to tell them that they weren’t the least bit serious about such a stupid agreement. As Ashton stews over their treachery, the guys laugh into the camera and say, “SorryNotSorry”. We’re not sure either of them have ever been prouder of anything they’ve ever done in their lives. The byproduct of this turn of events is that it seems to unify Vanck & Ashton. They both realize that they’re traveling with a teammate they can trust.

The other teams all check in to ride the helicopter, and the process hints that a huge gap is going to exist between the earliest teams to arrive and the later ones. This leg might not have a lot of mystery. Also, we want to point out that while every other team rushes to sign in, Becca & Floyd take a selfie with their cab driver. They’re acting like they’re on Spring Break, not in a race for a million dollars.

Everyone loves the helicopter ride over Brazil, though.

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