The Amazing Race Season 29: Episode 2

Scared Spitless

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 13, 2017

We want them to do a buddy cop movie.

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Matt & Redmond, who are happier than even Becca & Floyd right now, call their shot. Matt says, “We’re hoping on the tv right now, underneath our names, it says ‘currently in first place.’” Right on cue, the editing adds the magic words!

Jessie & Francesca are not catching any breaks. Since they were on the last flight into the city, they run into morning traffic that the other teams had avoided. The editing suggests that they’re having a great time, but they seem like they’re in a real trouble.

The first Detour of the night involves two favorites in Brazil: Samba and Jujitsu. For Keep the Beat, teams must play a drum and some sort of weird, jingly well enough to keep up with a Samba performing group. Work Your Feet seems slower. It requires players to build a make-your-own-gym with the kind of spare parts usually reserved for a junkyard. A heavyweight boxer will decide if the gym is up to his standards. It doesn’t seem…especially Jujitsu-y.

Matt & Redmond pick Work Your Feet, with Redmond explaining it’s because he only has one (foot). They’re also the first ones to think they’ve completed the challenge. Alas, they didn’t put water in a barrel, so a disappointed Brazilian silently indicates that they’re not done yet. Moments later, they realize their mistake and become the first two on either side of the Detour to finish. Not that long afterward, Vanck & Ashton finish. Seth & Olive, who might have actually done the challenge the quickest, also complete the activity. These three teams seem like the best players so far this season.


Cut to Keep the Beat, where Shamir & Sara are the first team to make an attempt. They seem like they have it, but Sara plays too long…which isn’t even in her best interest in trying to do the leg quickly. So, they fail. The second time through, the opposite happens. Shamir doesn’t stop in time, much to the frustration of the drum major. He was ready to give them their next clue.

There seems to be an unwritten rule on The Amazing Race this season. Every 20 minutes or so, they cut to Brooke & Scott to show one of them having a meltdown. This time, it’s Brooke. She’s unhappy that they’re…walking on a sidewalk? Or something.

Anyway, she angrily storms away from the camera crew...and promptly falls down. Scott offers to help, but she isn’t having it. Then, she gets angry and demands that he pull her up, exactly what he tried to do in the first place. She runs up a rampway, noting that she’d bruised her elbow and drawn blood on her forearm. For successful people, these are two extremely panicky humans.

Brooke’s injury has immediate ramifications, too. They chose Work Your Feet, which requires the lifting of several heavy objects. She holds her arm limp as she gamely tries to carry her part of the loads. This challenge would have been difficult if she’d been completely healthy. She’s a scrawny little thing. With only one good arm, she looks like a small child trying to lift a bowling ball.

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