The Amazing Race Season 29: Episode 2

Scared Spitless

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 13, 2017

We want them to do a buddy cop movie.

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Other than that, both sides of the Detour are uneventful. Shamir & Sara eventually finish theirs, putting them in fourth place overall. Liz & Michael were both in high school band, and their performance helps them crawl further up the leaderboard. They’ve now gone up from last place to fifth place in this episode.

London & Logan are now in sixth, while Team Fun nails their performance to earn seventh place. Brooke & Scott struggle their way to eighth place, with Brooke not complaining the one time either of them has good reason to do so. We’d say that Tara & Joey are in trouble in ninth place, but the Swole Sisters haven’t even arrived at the Detour yet. In fact, Tara & Joey finish, and that’s *STILL* true. It’s been obvious for a while who is getting eliminated tonight.

The next location tonight is Avenida Paulista. Here, teams must wash a marked window on a tall building. So, they’ll have to descend from the top of the building and then perform basic window washing duties. Humorously, a cabbie issue bites The Boys, which allows Vanck and Ashton to get to the building first. The stunning turn of events is that Liz & Michael somehow get there second. They’re having an epic reversal of fortune during this leg. Right on cue, Liz comes soaring down the side of the building as Ashton clutches her rope in fear. There’s a real chance Liz & Michael are going to win this leg, which would be one of the best recoveries in the history of the show.


Other contestants aren’t like Liz. Scott in particular hates heights. He offers to do the challenge before realizing what it is. Brooke correctly states that he has to do it since her arm renders her useless. As he rides the elevator up to the top floor, the freakout begins. By the time he’s ready to attach himself to the exterior apparatus, he’s in tears. To his credit, he’s using the situation as a way to address and hopefully conquer his fear.

Hey look! It’s Jessie & Francesca at the Detour! They’re only four months behind! In fact, this could possibly be our first ever live update of an Amazing Race challenge. On the plus side, they aren’t bothered by their fate. If anything, they seem to be having more fun than most of the other teams, Team Fun excepted, of course.
At the window washing, many of the contestants are on the building facing at the same time. Liz blows by her competitors and winds up in first place. Their next destination is the Pit Stop, which will be a more joyous arrival than last time, when they were technically the last time to get to Phil. Only a penalty on Kevin & Jenn saved them from elimination. Now, they’re the winners of the leg, as they don’t get lost along the way. They win a trip to Barbados, which does make us wonder whether they have to take it together or they each get one.

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