Survivor: Game Changers Recap

Dirty Deed

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 3, 2017

We're starting to think JT's not very good at this game.

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But not for long.

Back at camp, discussion turns to who will get voted out of the competition. Aubry and JT think that Michaela has to go, which likely rules out Michaela. Also, JT’s still on about the sugar-stealing. We’re reminded of the episode of The Simpsons where Homer believes that sugar is power.

Jeff Varner aptly summarizes his choices for the evening’s vote. He can eliminate someone with an attitude problem or get rid of a “big threat.” Smart players always pick the latter, although Sandra’s still there, which means Jeff and our definitions of “big threat” are quite different.

At Tribal Council, Sandra hones in on the real problem. She knows that JT gave away crucial information to the enemy at the prior vote. She believes it was sabotage. He confesses honestly. It was incompetence rather than malice. She seems to accept this answer, but JT has other problems. Michaela and him exchange cross words, with Sandra making an odd comment that implies she’s siding with JT. He starts to criticize Michaela for acting like a baby around camp. JT, Sandra is sharpening the knife that she’s about to put in his back.


JT misses the obvious here. He dings Michaela as not being a Game Changer. He’s overconfident about his position in this game, and that translates into him not playing his idol. He even admits that he doesn’t even bring it to Tribal Council. How does Sandra keep snowing people like this? These other players watch Survivor, right?

Probst asks if anyone wants to play their immunity idol. JT proffers a smug smile. After the moment passes and Probst moves along to the vote, Michaela puts out a mug and water bottle. She proceeds to pour herself a beverage. She sips contentedly as the votes are revealed. That’s strange since only five people are voting, and the score is tied at 2-2. Michaela has complete confidence in her alliance, by which we mean that she has complete confidence that Sandra has locked down the vote. Sure enough, the deciding vote (Jeff Varner’s) goes to JT, eliminating him from competition.

Summarizing: Over the past two Tribal Councils, JT gave away his tribe’s plan to an opponent, caused the elimination of his ally AND best friend at camp, chose not to bring a hidden immunity idol to Tribal Council, and then berated an opponent who had the votes needed to eliminate him from the game. What do we take from all this? Stephen Fishbach was a really, really good Survivor player to carry this guy to the final vote, even if JT ultimately won and Stephen lost. JT’s bad at the game of Survivor.

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