Survivor: Game Changers Recap

Dirty Deed

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 3, 2017

We're starting to think JT's not very good at this game.

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At the immunity challenge, Debbie has another tantrum. Did we mention that she explodes PRIOR to the challenge? Yes, the producers *ahem* coincidentally have added another balance beam component to the competition. Guess what Debbie wants to do! Brad politely asks Tai to do it instead. Debbie literally turns her back on her allies after proclaiming that she’s doing it and that the matter is settled. Not wanting to be smothered in their sleep, her tribemates concede. Team chemistry at Mana is worse than what the Decepticons face every day between Megatron and Starscream.

The immunity challenge includes four phases. The first one is a simple obstacle wall climb, and it starts with – we’re not making this up – Debbie hitting the ground a split second before Sierra. She shouts, “YEAH! First one down!” The fact that Sierra waited for her to go to avoid bumping into one another is lost on her. Instead, she – again, not a joke – tries to chest bump Brad Culpepper as he lands on the ground. In animal kingdom terms, she’s brazenly challenging him to become the alpha. Actually, that might be a werewolf thing instead.

During the second leg…oh, who cares? The real story is that in the MIDDLE of the challenge, Debbie lays into Culpepper again, pointing out that she’d finished first…during one insignificant part of the challenge. We adore his simple retort. “I love you. I don’t know why you’re mad at me.” That’s the type of patience one learns from spending most of one’s life in a football huddle. For her part, Debbie acts exasperated that he refuses to feud with her. Debbie’s having a historically bad episode.


Mana struggles during one part of the challenge. Yes, it’s the balance beam portion. No, Debbie isn’t the one. Basically everyone else other than she and Culpepper struggles a bit, presumably due to emotional fatigue. Debbie works herself up into a further lather, screeching, “I’m glad we didn’t send the gymnast. I mean, really. I seriously am. I am so sick of having to defend myself.” Sierra and Brad seem to have developed the ability to tune her out completely, a trait we wish that we possessed.

While this drama plays out, Tavua wins the immunity challenge. Sierra and Brad calmly crush the final part of the immunity challenge. The tribe celebrates as they win immunity. Once they return to camp, they’ll grimly realize that they don’t have the ability to vote Debbie out tonight. That’s a net loss.

Since only one tribe is going to Tribal Council tonight (Boo!), Tavua and Nuku battle for second place. The competition comes down to JT versus Ozzy and, well, you know. JT has a shot to win but isn’t clutch enough to hit it. Ozzy then drills his shot, giving Tavua immunity yet again.

It’s time to play It’s Anybody but JT, only JT has an immunity idol. Well, it can’t be Sandra, and Michaela and Jeff are in Sandra’s alliance. We wonder how he’ll screw this up.

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