Survivor: Game Changers Recap

Dirty Deed

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 3, 2017

We're starting to think JT's not very good at this game.

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Mana quickly gets a big lead. Nuku is second followed by Tavua, who struggles. Then again, Ozzy hasn’t gone yet. Right on cue, Ozzy takes charge during the balancing section, walking through obstacles as if they were flat land. He passes Hali likes she’s standing still, and she’s actually the second best player during the challenge. He’s just that dominant. The only problem for Tavua is that there are two legs, so Ozzy’s performance only gets them halfway. His teammates once again blow the lead before quickly getting it back. Meanwhile, JT struggles with the balance beams and Debbie, God help her, isn’t very good despite the fact that she’d previously claimed that she has great balance. Once again, what Debbie says of herself doesn’t match our reality. Mana falls way behind, while Tavua’s Zeke solves the puzzle to win the sandwiches, milk, and cookies.

Nuku finishes soon afterward. As Debbie’s teammates watch in impotent frustration, she never even gets the ball to the goal. The strange part is her post-match camera monologue wherein she blames Brad Culpepper for her failures, proclaiming that he runs a dictatorship. She adds that he forced her into a role she didn’t want. At this point, a brutal camera edit shows Debbie volunteering with the comment, “I have a really good sense of balance.” Debbie’s legitimately nuts, and now she’s frustrated over her televised humiliation. It’s going to cause her to lash out at others. The only question is when.

The Tavua tribe, which probably thinks that they’re special guests at the actual Eden, happily enjoys their sandwiches. A couple of the players are still scheming, though. Sarah brags to the camera that she’s playing Troyzan, acting like his friend so that he’ll protect her while she searches for an immunity idol. Troyzan somehow forgets to mention that he knows the current location of said idol since it’s in his pocket. Troyzan’s playing a better game this season.


Cut to Debbie!

She’s storming off to the beach. Her teammates ask her to join them. Her retort is completely incoherent to the mentally sane. “Why don’t the four of you talk, make decisions, and then tell me. And then when you vote me out, why don’t you just give Hali my *incoherent*”. It sounds like “clothing sale” to us, but that can’t be right, at least not if she’s saying something that’s not a fiction of her mind. The other tribe members know that she’s upset. They’re unclear as to why, other than that she just bombed at a reward challenge, though.

“Is she acting?” – Brad Culpepper, asking the question that’s on the mind of all Survivor viewers
Sierra has a waterfront conversation with Debbie. The latter woman rants about Brad Culpepper, who is “used to being in charge.” She projects so much in this conversation that we can’t help but laugh. The moment that punctuates everything, however, isn’t something that Debbie says. Instead, after she’s finished with what she considers total character assassination of the tribe’s alpha male, Hali queries, “Who, Brad?” There are only five members of Mana and only two men yet Debbie’s rant is so nonsensical that a smart woman standing beside her isn’t entirely sure whether she’s talking about Brad or Tai.

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