Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - I'm Going for a Million Bucks, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

January 12, 2017

Totally not bitter.

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Hello good people!! Thanks for joining me for the thrilling conclusion of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X. We've had a fantastic season thus far and I expect it will continue through the finale tonight. We have one of the better, more likable final 6's in the history of the show. There is no one out there that I actively dislike and I could make a case for any one of the 6 to win the game. Granted, some of those cases might be thin...but a case can be made. So, I'm gonna take a few seconds, while Jeff is recapping the season to state a case for all 6 players.

1) David: He has been one of the main narrators of the season. He's seen as the mastermind and the most dangerous player in the game. Yet, no one ever comes for him. It's really quite odd. He's made legit bonds with enough people that despite knowing he has the line to win the game, they continue to vote with him and protect him. David also has the "growth narrative" as he came into the game scared of everything and now he's been running the show for weeks. If he makes it to the end, I think our next guy might be the only one who can beat him.


2) Jay: Jay is not your typical Survivor "Bro". He's whip smart, great in the challenges and has a social game that has kept him alive, despite being a HUGE target for several votes now. He definitely lands closer to Malcolm on the "Bro" list than he does Taylor - who I'd put at the very end of the other side of that spectrum. Looking at the jury - with Michelle, Taylor, Chris and Will - he is getting very close to having the votes to win the game. He also has a strong enough challenge resume that he could very well win out, which would lock in the victory. The only reason I list David first is that I think he'll have to make that immunity run if he even wants a sniff of the final 3. But honestly, if he can make the final 3 with David - that will be quite amazing and should set us up for one of the best Final Tribals ever.

3) Adam: Adam has really skyrocketed over the course of the last few episodes. When Taylor blew up his reward stealer and accused him of eating food on the sly, Adam looked like a dead man walking. But, he's come back REAL strong and now seems to be sitting in a major power player's chair. He is helping to control the votes right now and he seems to have Hannah and Jay ready to work with him. He also has the huge ace in the hole - the story about his mom. It is so sincere and heartfelt that if he brings it out at Final Tribal, I could see several votes being swayed to him. Even more so if it is brought up by someone else, like Jay. Actually, though, if the Survivor Gods were to really smile on us, we'd get the David/Jay/Adam final 3 that we so justly deserve. That would be one of the best final Tribals as well as one of the closest votes we've ever seen. Hell, if those 3 make it, we might even see our first tie in the history of Final Tribal Council. I think it would be that hotly contested.

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