Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - I'm Going for a Million Bucks, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

January 12, 2017

Totally not bitter.

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Back at camp, Bret, Hannah and Ken have decided that Jay has to go. As the steak eaters come back to camp, David and Jay are talking with Hannah and David brings up voting out Bret. He has no problem getting rid of Bret, since Bret has been after him since day 1. Adam, however, isn't too thrilled with that idea. Bret has not won a challenge and probably won't, so why take him out when you have a huge threat in Jay still in the game. Sure, Jay has promised Adam final 3, but Adam knows he can't beat Jay in the final 3. They do have a longer discussion about Bret saying that he's so likable; he's a danger to take to the end. Right now, Adam seems to have them convinced it's Jay, but David doesn't like it. Back at camp, Jay and Bret are talking about how it's gonna go tonight and they compare pitches. Basically, both of them have called the other a bigger threat and I guess we'll see how that goes. Bret is telling us how obvious this vote should be and as he's doing this, we see Hannah come up and tell Jay that she and David want to talk to him. Bret looks at Ken and asks what the hell that could be about.

They sit Jay down and lay out where everything is. David is with him to take out Bret. Hannah is on the fence, but they tell him Adam is out. Hannah confirms that if Jay can get Adam, she'll vote with them, so at least Jay knows where to focus his efforts. So, he grabs Adam and asks for a chance. Jay explains that he's flipped David and that he just wants 1 shot. And even if he wins out, he's taking Adam to the end. He actually plays a little dirty by saying, "C'mon, we're brothers." Adam tells us that he could save Jay tonight and that they have this weird relationship where they do have a brotherly thing going. But he finishes by asking the big question, "Can I beat him?" Let's find out how it goes.


They all arrive at Tribal and Jeff starts with David and asks about the reward steal. Dave, Jay and Adam all agree that it was a working lunch with Jay making his final pitch to stay in the game. We have a little back and forth between Bret and Jay talking about who has more friends on the jury ('s Jay). Jeff has to ask Jay about the challenge to which Jay acknowledges that if he had just covered his numbers, he'd probably have the necklace on right now. Ken backs him up a little, though, saying that on Day 6, you remember to cover it up. On Day 36, maybe not. There's a little talk of idols and such, but nothing meaningful, let's just get to the vote!

They show us no votes, so Jeff will just go tally them. He asks about a hidden immunity and Jay perks up, "Jeff...". And as he digs in his bag, he kinda ribs the group telling them they have to be faster than that. He's VERY excited right now. Bret is shaking his head, "Unbelievable." Will is jumping out of his skin on the jury. Only David knows what is about to happen. Jeff, "This is (dramatic pause)" Jay, "Wooo!" Jeff, "NOT a hidden immunity idol." He throws it in the fire and Jay is blown away. "You guys got me." So, all votes for Jay will count. "Um, Jeff." This time it's Ken and everyone is like, "Whaaaaat?" He pulls out the Legacy Advantage and let's everyone know that it gives him immunity tonight. Poor Gen X Jessica is torn up on the jury, thinking that it was so close to being her advantage. So, to recap: all votes for Jay will count. Any voted for Ken, will not. Got it? Good. First vote is for Ken and everything else comes up Jay. For getting taken out like this, with a fake idol and all that, Jay is an incredible sport about it. He tells them he hates them all and then calls them all warriors. All in fun - he's a good dude. He tells Jeff to snuff his torch, Jeff obliges and he heads down the path exclaiming, "A million dollar lock combination."

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