Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - I'm Going for a Million Bucks, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

January 12, 2017

Totally not bitter.

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We begin tonight's episode on night 35 after Tribal. Jay laments playing his idol when he didn't need to. Knowing that he's next to go, his plan is to go find another idol. Bret starts telling us about how this was the chance to take David out, but no one would do it. Hannah tried to explain that she felt it was a bad time to get rid of David. Bret tells us that either Jay or David will win this thing; they have to be the next to go. David tells us that he can't believe he made it through another vote. He also says that he knows they're coming for him so he's going to try to stir up some chaos. He grabs some embers from the fire and heads out to make his own little side fire. It is here that he pulls out all the beads, shells, string and everything else he's been stashing throughout the game. His plan is to make a fake idol. So he strings up a really nice looking, believable idol. Wraps it up in an idol note from one of his idols and places it inside a coconut, which he them uses some paint (I guess from the tribe flag) to put a symbol on the coconut. It's probably now that I should note that the first time they came to Fiji (20 seasons ago) this was the site of the very first fake immunity idol, created by Yau Man. So, this is a really sweet callback to that time. Also, this is easily the best fake idol ever done. Especially when you put the note and the painted coconut into play.

The sun rises on day 36 and Jay is out looking for an idol. As he searches, Ken and David start heading his way, so he grabs some coconuts and they all head back toward camp. On the way back, Jay is scanning everywhere for an idol and he finally spots a coconut with a pink symbol on it. Of course, he's with Dave and Ken, so he can't grab it. As they continue back, Dave is pretty sure Jay noticed the coconut which is exactly what he wanted to happen. With a few spare minutes, Jay heads back to the fake idol and opens it. As we head to break, Jay tells us all about how dumb they are not to be looking and how he just got the break he needed to stay in this game. Oh Jay - the end is not going to be pretty.

We come back from break and Ken is finally getting to open the Legacy Advantage. Turns out this advantage is immunity at the next Tribal. So, he's guaranteed final 5. Now, if he could go out and win immunity today, tonight's Tribal could be pretty amazing. Speaking of immunity...


Probst sighting!! Today's challenge is a rough one. They have to handle an obstacle course and then untie some number tiles. Crawl through a rope trap and then use those numbers as a combination to open a lock. Once open, they'll get a key that they have to take under a rope netting. They'll use that key to open pieces to a bat puzzle. First person to finish the puzzle wins immunity and reward. Today's reward will be a massive steak dinner tonight to help them prepare for the final 5 immunity challenge. Worth playing for? Yeah, I think so.

The challenge takes off as you would expect, with Ken and Jay in the lead. Jay is the first one to figure out the combination, so he takes his key and runs off. But he forgot to use the cover to cover up his numbers, so everyone just looks at his numbers and copies them to get their combination. In fairness, Ken actually figured it out on his own, but everyone else - they copied Jay's numbers to move on. Jay thinks about going back, but it's too late now. So, he heads up to start on his puzzle. The puzzle is not easy and it takes long enough for Jay to figure it out that everyone has pretty much caught up to him. At this point, it's down to Jay and David on the puzzle. Adam, Hannah and Bret are now looking at Jay and David's puzzles trying to catch up. David has now caught Jay and passed him. Jay has something wrong and the whole puzzle falls apart. David wins immunity and reward.

As you would expect, Jeff gives David the chance to take 2 people with him. "Um, Jeff." It's Jay. Now that he's in possession of the Reward Stealer, he's decided to use it. He tells Jeff that he'll be eating with David, since David beat him, but he's taking control of the reward. Which means Jay gets to choose the 3rd person to have steak. And he chooses the guy who gave him the reward stealer in the first place, Adam. And THAT, my friends, is how you manage to use that advantage and not piss anyone off. I mean, sure; Bret, Hannah and Ken probably aren't happy. But the person that won reward still gets it and he had a perfect reason to bring Adam. I'm not sure there was any better way to play that thing. Well done, Jay. I hope your dinner affords you some time to save your ass tonight.

We come back to camp and the guys are blown away by the spread laid out in front of them. Jay takes this time to make his pitch, and it's a good one. He lays it out that the 3 of them are the biggest threats in the game. If they take him out, David is next. And when they're both gone, they'll come for Adam. Adam asks about Jay winning everything and Jay's response is great. "What do you want me to say? I'll take you both? Cause, I'll do it. I'll take you both to the 3. And if Bret wins tomorrow, I guarantee he won't take you to the 3." David tells us that Jay makes some good points. He's promised to take Dave to the 3 and serves as a huge shield for David.

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