Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - I'm Going for a Million Bucks, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X'er

January 12, 2017

Totally not bitter.

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So we leave Tribal Council with Jeff and get a live update with Jeff only to come back from commercial to a Probst Sighting! It's all Jeff all the time! It's also Day 37 and time for another Immunity Challenge. Today's challenge starts in the water and is the "moving a buoy on a rope" challenge. Once you get through the buoy course, you'll have to untie some letter puzzle pieces. Then you'll have to use a couple handles to carry the tiles over a teeter totter. This is one of those challenges where you decide how many tiles to carry. Drop them and go back to the start. So, it might be better to make several trips with fewer tiles, than to take a bunch of tiles on one trip. Then, first person to spell out the secret phrase wins immunity and a spot in the Final 4.

The challenge starts off and everyone is pretty even. Over time, Hannah starts to fall out of contention, leaving a 4 person race. Ken is the first one to his pieces, followed by Bret. Adam and David are next. Ken has all the pieces and heads to the teeter totter. He took a lot and as he walks, they all fall out. Back to the platform, Ken! Bret takes a much smaller group of tiles and he makes it to the end. Ken takes a smaller amount drops them again. By now, David and Adam are also moving tiles. As Hannah begins carrying (and dropping) tiles, Bret gets the last of his tiles to the platform and begins working on it. Ken, Adam and David are behind him and now everyone but Hannah is working on the puzzle. Ken and Adam start making some progress and Hannah finally gets all her tiles over to the platform. Bret and David are starting to fall out of this as both Ken and Adam now have "Not A Participation..." spelled out on their board. For whatever reason, Adam can't connect it, but Ken can. "Not A Participation Trophy," Ken screams. And Ken. Wins. Immunity! Adam is distraught that he was right there and couldn't see it. As we head to break, Bret tells us that he is very nervous tonight, but he's happy that David didn't win, so they might finally be able to take out the biggest threat.

We rejoin the show as everyone comes back from the challenge. Adam tells us that he's very excited that David lost the challenge today because they have to get rid of him tonight. He decides that he is going to go out looking for a hidden idol, just to make sure Dave doesn't have one. If he can get rid of that question mark, they'll have a better shot at taking David out. He feels like he has Bret and Hannah on his side and in fact, he has Bret setup to cover for him while he searches. While he frantically searches, David makes his move. He has Ken and Hannah alone and asks them what they think about voting out Adam. Ken and Hannah don't really put up much of a fight and agree that they can get behind an Adam vote. David tells us that he's pretty sure there are no more idols in the game and he feels like Adam is a bigger threat to win immunity than Bret. We go back to Adam and his idol search and what do we have here? Adam has found his second idol in this game. As he celebrates, Ken and David take Bret aside and ask if he was down for voting Adam. Bret says that he'll do whatever it takes to get to the final 4.


Bret tells us, however, that he still wants David gone, so he goes straight to Adam and tells him of the plan to vote him out. Adam shows Bret the idol and essentially says they can bring it. If they all vote Adam, he'll play his idol and David goes home. We catch up with Adam and Hannah as she tells him that they're coming for him. He verifies with her that it's definitely him and not Bret and then...ermehgerd...tells Hannah that he has an idol. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Sure, you'll be safe tonight, but you may have just killed Bret. Hannah tells us how much she likes being in the middle and feels like she has all the control tonight. As they head to Tribal, we see Hannah talking to a lot of people and narrating to us how she can go either way and how each way may or may not help her. Her choice is essentially between trying to set up whom to be at the end against versus actually getting to the end. Should be interesting!

We get to Tribal and Jeff starts by mentioning Ken and his 3rd immunity win. He asks Hannah about people running off for conversations. She says they were running off for conversations and to look for idols. Adam confirms he was the first one out looking for an idol. David talks about how people are starting to plan out final 3 scenarios and that sometimes you don't have to be the best player, just the best of what's left. Bret, on the other hand, is just worried about getting to tomorrow. David admits to thinking he could be going home tonight but he knows all he can do at this point is trust in the people he trusts and hope that loyalty means something to them. He also says that even if it is him tonight, he feels like he has learned so much about himself that even going out 5th, he'll be a winner overall. Adam chimes in that this is exactly what makes him a threat to win the game. His story - going from a guy who was scared of everything to the main power player in the game. Bret echoes Adam's thoughts and also mentions that he'd be devastated to go home tonight. And with that, it's time to vote.

We see no votes cast, so Jeff will have to tally them all in secrecy. He comes back and asks about hidden idols. And here's Adam. He says that he really wants to make the final 4 and he's afraid some votes are coming his way. Jeff, "This is..." dramatic pause "a hidden immunity idol". And of course, they flash to Jay laughing on the jury. Adam will move on. Jeff reads the votes. David, Bret, David, Bret. Final vote and the 16th member voted out of Survivor: Bret. "The flipper flips again." And after Jeff snuffs his torch, "Congratulations David.” The rest of you just lost a million dollars." You can see that Adam is in shock. He definitely thought he had Hannah with him on this vote and honestly, why in the hell wouldn't you take out David right now? He's a threat to win immunity and if he gets to the 3, he wins the game. And further, you're now in a final 4 scenario with David and Ken. Ken, who holds loyalty and honesty above everything else. Dude will never flip on David. So, if you're Hannah you have 2 choices now. Try to get David out and hope Adam can beat him in a fire building challenge. Or, get to the end and get no votes while David sweeps and wins the game and the money. What a colossal blunder for Hannah. Just huge!

And we've reached the halfway point of the 2 hour finale and as we head to break, I'm going to sign off for now and get this posted up. I'll probably be back tomorrow with Part 2 of the finale and then in a few days, I'll be back with a follow up to my Season 34 cast spoiler from a couple months ago, so stay tuned for that. Til tomorrow, take care!

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