Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers - Episode Recap

Episode 11 - About To Have a Rumble

By Jim Van Nest, Gen Xer

December 6, 2016

This looks like an awesome comedy opening credit shot.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X. We're coming off one of the best Survivor episodes in several years, and this season is really shaping up to be a fantastic one. We're down to nine Survivors now and I'm just hoping it can keep the momentum and really finish off strong.

In case we're all still full from Thanksgiving, let's reset things, shall we? The first two post merge boots were pretty simple and straight. Michelle and Taylor were easily dispatched and little was lost from the game. Last week, however, things got interesting. We started with the Gen X alliance fracturing as Chris and Jessica targeted each other for elimination. Leaving his Oklahoma hero behind, Zeke flipped on Chris and took Hannah and Adam with him.

And in the second hour, the newly formed Zeke and David alliance also fractured as they both decided to claim Bret and Sunday as their own. However, with two rewards shared, Zeke and Bret have formed their own very strong bond, with Bret secretly coming out to Zeke. This bond was strong enough to bring Bret and Sunday on board with Zeke, Jay and Will. While Zeke was locking in Bret and Sunday, David was busy locking in Hannah and Adam and joining with Jessica and Ken. Thus, we were set up for a classic Survivor showdown.


They didn't disappoint. The votes came up tied and after a revote and a failed negotiation, no one wanted to break the tie. So, for the third time in Survivor history, the Tribal Council came down to a rock draw. With Ken, Jay, Hannah and Zeke immune from the draw, poor Gen X Jessica was sent home by virtue of a black rock.

This sends us back to camp with Zeke's five-person alliance intact, but not so super close. And David's very close alliance will come back to camp one person down, but with a tighter bond. Tonight promises the family visit and possibly the culmination of Adam's reward stealer advantage. Will he actually be stupid enough to steal someone's loved one visit? If so, I have a feeling we'll be saying good bye to Adam tonight. If not, it really could be anyone. Let's get to it, shall we?

We begin tonight's episode as the tribe gets back to camp. Everyone's still a little freaked out, especially Hannah. She feels terrible for Jessica to have to go home because she refused to switch her vote to Hannah. David is bummed because he burned his idol at Tribal and lost, so he's unsafe and down in the numbers. Zeke is feeling awesome after the Tribal. He lets Jay, Will and Bret know how much he appreciated them sticking by him. They make their final give deal that evening. The plan is to take them all out one by one. The interesting thing here is that they're making a final five deal with only four of them...Sunday is nowhere to be found.

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