Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers - Episode Recap

Episode 11 - About To Have a Rumble

By Jim Van Nest, Gen Xer

December 6, 2016

This looks like an awesome comedy opening credit shot.

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As Ken leaves and Sunday joins, Will tries to explain that he never gets any credit for anything they do. Jay tells him that they've been together since day one and he'll vote however Will wants him to. After a long while, they agree that their five is together again and Ken is the target. Zeke is still worried about the phantom idol David doesn't have so he wonders if they shouldn't vote for Hannah instead.

Back up at camp, Ken tells everyone what happened, so they know their four is screwed again. As they try to decide who's getting the vote, they seem to have it narrowed down to either Ken or Hannah...somehow David will wiggle out of the vote again. You just have to wonder if Adam will pick up on the right cues and play his idol to save his alliance. As we head to Tribal, Will tells us that he is in the middle and no matter what anyone thinks or wants; he will control the vote tonight. He has a huge chip on his shoulder about this and if he keeps mouthing off, he's gonna find himself Cesternino'd out of this game.

We get to Tribal and Jeff begins with David and asks him if anything has changed. David says that there are two sides vying for one swing vote. Will admits that his plan was to flip on Zeke, but Ken revealed it to everyone, so now it's out in the open. Sunday says something about how she can understand how Will feels and how he wants to have more of an effect like the big kids, and that's why he was susceptible to suggestion. Will jumps in to say that he wasn't being lured in, but that he actually initiated the conversation and this is exactly what he's talking about. It's a shame that he has to have himself in the middle like this to be taken seriously out there.


Zeke tells Will that he has always wanted to play with him and that he was protecting him. Adam jumps in to point out that Zeke was all about what he's done for Will. Jay jumps in to say that he has never looked down on Will or taken credit for any of the moves they made together. They took out Michaela together. *Tweet* Flag on the play. Let's go to the tape, "Jay, did you do this?" "Yeah, I did it." I'm gonna have to call BS on that. Anyway, David says that Will feels like he has to have something on his resume. And that if he goes with them right now, his name will be all over this. Hannah starts to mumble something and Jay just tells Will to vote with his gut. Will admits that Jay is the only one to show him any respect. And right there, Will ain't flipping. He'll stick with Zeke and then he'll pay for it later. Ugh.

Jeff goes to tally the votes. Hannah says she thinks she's going home. Adam says, "It's you?" She says, "I think so." Jeff asks if anyone would like to play an idol. Adam stands up and pulls the idol out of his pants and announces to the group that he's playing it for Hannah. WHOA!!! First vote: Hannah. Hannah. Hannah. Hannah. Then: Zeke. Zeke and the 12th person voted out of Survivor: Zeke. Whoa, wait a minute - that was only four votes for Hannah. Does that mean Will actually stuck with David's side?? That would be CRAZY! We'll have to wait for the next time on... In the meantime, you have to like the play by Adam. We're late enough in the game that gaining a serious ally like Hannah can be huge coming to the end. David, Ken, Hannah and Adam are easily the tightest four in the game - and when you're that tight, it will be hard to break them up.

Next time on Survivor: Will is still fighting to take control of the game. We see him telling Jay and Adam they need to take David out. But Adam has other plans. We see him talking to Bret about how Will is just going to keep bouncing back and forth. Should be interesting. Now, let's check the votes: BOOM - Will votes for Zeke! So, the idol play was not needed. Zeke was already going home regardless of the play. However, all anyone saw was Adam guess right and save the day. A vote that could have had Will's name all over it instead has Adam's. Can't wait to see how this plays out next week. 'Til then, take care!

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