Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers - Episode Recap

Episode 11 - About To Have a Rumble

By Jim Van Nest, Gen Xer

December 6, 2016

This looks like an awesome comedy opening credit shot.

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We come back to camp and David points out a meeting on the beach between four of Zeke's alliance - all but Will. David points it out to Will. Will tells us that seeing his mom has made him feel like he needs to play the game a little more. So he suggests to David that he thinks Zeke is dangerous. David tells him to use him for this vote. Will says he doesn't want to use someone, he wants to work with someone. He tells us that he doesn't want to be dragged to the end as a goat and it's time he makes a move. He and David and Adam lock this in, and it seems as though Zeke could be getting the boot tonight. And with that, it's time for a...

Probst Sighting!! Today's challenge will have them holding two handles to apply tension on a steel bar. If the tension loosens, the bar will fall and they'll be out. Last one holding their bar wins immunity and a one in eight shot at a million dollars. Right off the bat, David drops his bar and he's out. Hannah is the next one out. Will and Bret are the next ones out. Sunday also drops out and a few minutes later, Zeke drops. Jay, Adam and Ken are the last remaining players. At this point, Jeff tells them they've been out there for four minutes. Whoa - that's crazy. Jay and Ken are slipping a little and finally Ken loses it. Jay has almost lost it, while Adam is looking super solid. And just like that, Jay drops out and Adam. Wins. Immunity! You can't tell me that there wasn't some sort of mom-mojo going on there. Well done, Adam. As we head to break, Will tells us that this is his time to make a move.


We come back from commercial to play, "It's Anyone But Zeke." Everyone congratulates Adam and he is loving life! David locks it in with Hannah and Adam - just vote Zeke. Is Will going to stick with that plan? They don't know. Ultimately, they don't have a choice but to hope so. Zeke, however, feels that something is wrong. He says the other four are WAY too calm to be on the bottom. He thinks David has found another idol and that explains the calmness. He talks with his people and they decide that Ken should be the target.

Will takes Ken aside to have a talk. Ken tells us he has to get to know someone before he gets in a bond with them. As they talk, Will finally tells Ken that Zeke's crew will be writing Ken's name down tonight. And like that, an alliance is born. Or is it? Ken goes right back to camp and grabs Jay to ask him what's going on. He completely blows up the plan by letting Jay know that Will isn't with them anymore. The next thing we see is a powwow of Jay, Will, Ken, Zeke and Bret where it all gets hashed out. Ken has basically blown up Will's game.

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