Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers - Episode Recap

Episode 11 - About To Have a Rumble

By Jim Van Nest, Gen Xer

December 6, 2016

This looks like an awesome comedy opening credit shot.

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We come back from the abbreviated credits to Day 31. Ken receives his Legacy Advantage from Jessica. He is so happy to have this as he's looking for a way to better life for himself and his daughter. And right off the bat, it's time for a...

Probst sighting!! He wastes no time - it's time for some love. Out comes Sunday's husband, Jeff. Next up, Bret's dad, Don. Jay's sister, Melanie is next. Next we meet Hannah's mom, Liz. Adam's brother Evan is next out. Right off the bat, Adam gets the news that his mom is doing okay despite the stage 4 lung cancer. Adam also tells his brother that he has an advantage in the game to steal a reward, but that he can't and won't use it. He just can't take their love from them. David's dad, Doug is the next one out. Ken's brother William is next out. He comes out and Hannah says, "They're both so handsome." Zeke replies, "I know." Zeke's dad, Sam is the next one out. And last, but not least, we get Will's mom, Irene. Okay, everyone has had a small bit of love and we've shed enough tears to float away. Let's get to the challenge.

They'll be attached to a rope that is wrapped around a bunch of obstacles. First one through to their love will get to bring their loved one back to camp for a good, old-fashioned barbecue. Ken gets out to an early lead, with Jay right behind. Zeke and Hannah are next in line. Poor Sunday and Will are already out of this thing. Jay is the first under the obstacle with Zeke and Ken right behind. Hannah and David are also on the final obstacle. Adam is completely stuck and out of it. Right now, it looks like Jay's to lose. And despite amazing effort from Ken and Zeke, Jay wins reward!


Now comes the fun. Who will he take with him? And how many will Jeff let him pick? First up, he is given the option to choose anyone. Jay says that he promised someone at the very beginning of the game, so he chooses Will. And as a second choice, he picks Sunday and her husband. Finally, Jeff lets him choose one more. He tells everyone that he loves them, but "This guy could have done it and he didn't." So he chooses Adam and his brother. Everyone else will head back to camp, but the others don't get to participate in the barbecue or get even a last hug.

We come back from break to a Survivor loved ones BBQ. Jay tells us that as soon as Adam said he wouldn't use his reward that he respected it and had to choose him. Adam and Evan go off to talk about Mom. Apparently, things are not going so well for her. She's having bad reactions to some of her medications. They've taken her off the treatments and she's been doing much better. Evan tells us that the whole family loves the Survivor and that Mom says she's getting her strength knowing Adam's out there. After that talk, Adam and Evan take Jay and Melanie aside to let him know how much they appreciate being chosen. He is so appreciative that he hands over his advantage to Jay - no strings attached. So now it's Jay's problem to bear. How nice of him.

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