Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 5 - Idol Search Party

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 24, 2016

Challenge non-beast.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Episode 5 of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X. Last week's episode had a great "for TV" Tribal that featured one of the more out of the blue idol plays ever. A pre-merge idol play on someone else? That just doesn't happen often...if at all. But, that's what we got. David felt so strongly about getting Gen X Jessica on his team that he saved her with his Precious. Ken seemed to be out of the loop, but I'm sure that will be smoothed over quickly and easily. And with that move; David, Ken, CeCe and Jessica will now make up the majority of the Gen X tribe. Only two things could stop them.

One is If Chris, Bret or Sunday find the newly hidden immunity idol. The other would be if the tribes were to be inexplicably split up. We've already seen the infamous "Drop your buffs" in the preview for tonight, so a split is happening! We've also seen a mad search by the Gen X'ers to find the idol. Hence the episode title: Idol Search Party. Can David reclaim the idol, have the numbers AND an advantage? Or will he lose his numbers; watch someone else find the idol and end up separated from his alliance after the split? Oh yeah, and what happens if Taylor and Figgy get separated? Will either of them make it??? All this and SO much more on tonight's episode of Survivor. Let's check it out!


We begin, as you would expect, with the aftermath at Gen X beach. No one is actually that upset over the idol play. David tells us that he's not so sure it was the best move for him. Without the idol, he's feeling much more vulnerable. We cut to Jessica promising her undying devotion to Ken. Wait, what? She feels really bad that she didn't trust Ken and she tells him that she will always trust him from now on. To prove it, she tells him about her #LegacyAdvantage. Ken tells us he's giving Jessica his full trust again. And a new alliance looks to be forming.

As the sun rises on Day 13, everyone on Gen X beach us in full on idol search mode. So, they're all out looking, but only one person knows what they're looking for. They're not looking for a packet with an idol in it. They're looking for some piece of nature with their tribe symbol on it. David is looking for purple. And just like this, he sees a big log with their purple symbol. Problem is CeCe and Sunday are both right there looking with him. They continue to search and after a little while get tired and head back to camp. That's when David makes his move. He busts open the log and claims his second hidden immunity idol of this young season. And as David revels in his newfound idol, it's time for a....

Probst sighting!! We're set up for a reward challenge, but Jeff drops the bomb on the players with three little words. "Drop your buffs." They are switching things up.

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