Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 5 - Idol Search Party

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 24, 2016

Challenge non-beast.

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Time to check in with Takali, another tribe where there is a Millennial numbers advantage. Ken tells us that he's glad to have some energy in camp with the younger people. He's just hoping that he and Jess can find a way to stay in the game. Meanwhile, Figgy doesn't want herself and Taylor to be out in the open, even though they have the numbers. Taylor thinks it's stupid and makes no sense. Adam, the ultimate third wheel, jokes that Taylor will do whatever she says. He tells us that he's in a worst-case scenario with this split. He can't stand being there with Taylor and Figgy. So we join Ken and Adam in a talk about where they were on their tribes. Adam tells Ken that he was on the bottom with Mari and Zeke. Ken lets Adam know that he'll have his back. Adam tells us that he's not sitting so badly right now as he has two strong couples that won't turn on each other, so they'll all need to come talk to him.

It's time to check in with the only tribe where the Millennials are down in numbers, Vanua. Michelle is not happy with the turn of events. She was in such a good spot before, but could definitely be in trouble now. As they start to get to know each other, Zeke realizes that Chris is also from Oklahoma. Not only that, but he played on the 2000 Oklahoma Sooners national championship football team. Zeke is a huge Sooners fan and the guys that won the championship are his heroes. As everyone splits up, Chris lets Zeke know that everything is not as it seems. He's ready to make a move. Zeke is now riding high with his new alliance and buddy; he might actually have finally caught a break.


Back over at Ikabula, it's been a while without fire. And food. And water. Spirits are down as Jay and Bret struggle with fire. Michaela comes over and takes the machete and flint and decides to give it a go. After working at it forever (it seemed), she finally gets a fire. Bret is blown away and Michaela takes a minute to go into the woods. This moment was so important for her that she breaks down. She tells us that this is a sign for her that this whole thing is worth it. When she comes back to camp, the fire is now blazing and the entire tribe, led by Bret, is genuinely relieved and happy. When they tell her that she's their hero - in this moment, every single person means it. This is one of those rare bonding moments you don't see often in Survivor. For those few minutes, no one was thinking game. No one was thinking alliance. They were all generally happy to have fire and they were all genuinely in Michaela's debt. When Bret says, "You saved us." He meant it.

When we come back from break, it's time for another Probst Sighting!! The challenge this time will have members of each tribe diving down into the water to release a buoy. Once released, they'll swim the buoy to a new platform and put it in a basket. When they have all five buoys and all their people on the platform, they'll start shooting the buoys into a basket on yet another platform. First one to score all five buoys wins immunity. Second one to score all five buoys wins immunity. Third place wins a date with Jeff at Tribal. But there is a bit of strategy involved here. Once it's time to shoot, they can either start shooting, or try to use a rope to grab the basket platform and pull it closer to make the shots easier. The question becomes, can you catch it and pull it closer in time to make the easier shots work to your advantage. Since Ikabula has an extra person, someone is sitting out. That will be Will.

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