Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 5 - Idol Search Party

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 24, 2016

Challenge non-beast.

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As the challenge starts, Adam makes quick work of getting the first buoy. CeCe unties hers quickly as well. Sunday cannot get hers and she moves on without it. Adam gets to the platform first. Sunday, buoy-less, is right behind him. Jessica and Jay each get their buoys and get to the platform. Michaela gets the second buoy for Green while Ken has the third buoy for purple. CeCe finally gets the first buoy to the platform and David dives in.

As purple gets all five buoys, David has made it to the platform, but drops the buoy which rolls off the other edge and into the water again. Jay has now gone back in for the second time to get a buoy and he gets back super-fast with the fifth buoy. Now green can shoot. Ken chooses to pull the basket closer and is shooting as Chris gets back with orange's third buoy. Michaela now pulls her basket closer and starts shooting. Zeke gets the fouth buoy for orange and Chris heads in to get the fifth. Michaela then quickly lands two shots. Ken scores for purple. Michaela lands her third and fourth as Chris finally starts shooting for orange. Ken is having trouble landing the shots as Michaela lands number five - Ikabula wins immunity. Chris and Zeke decide to pull the target in now as Ken lands his second and third buoys. Chris never actually lands a shot as Ken lands four and five to win immunity for Takali. And just like that, Vanua is heading to Tribal. Guess it's time to see how strong that Oklahoma bond really is.

We come back from break to the Vanua camp. Oddly enough, Chris is apologizing to the tribe for sucking in the challenge. Um, really? CeCe and David were absolutely terrible in this challenge. CeCe had the tribe down by two or three buoys from the get go. David then cemented their last place status with quite possibly the worst challenge performance in the history of Survivor. And that includes the challenge where Fishbach hit the other tribe's target. David was THAT Bad.


At camp, the Gen X'ers get a chance to talk and they decide that Zeke is strong in the challenges, which means Michelle has to be on the chopping block. Chris tells us that he is not down with that plan. Because he feels that David is better for him numbers wise, CeCe is who he's targeting. So, he takes David aside and tells him that they really need to get rid of CeCe as she's a challenge liability. David tells us that Zeke and Michelle are on board, so the only play he really has is to go along with it.

Chris tells us that he hopes everything goes as planned, but he's trusting a guy that's burnt him twice. The guys let Michelle and Zeke know that CeCe is the vote tonight and that they're safe. Chris tells them that if anything else happens, he'll be the first person to choke someone in front of Jeff Probst. Michelle is happy with the thought, but she's not totally buying it. So, she has a conversation with CeCe. She tries to make her case that she and Zeke should stay and they're both stronger than David. She tells us that CeCe has no desire to talk strategy with her, so she's just going to hope that Chris and David are on the level. There's a little bit of back and forth as CeCe tells David that Michelle was gunning for him. So he'll be bringing his idol to Tribal just in case.

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