Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 5 - Idol Search Party

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 24, 2016

Challenge non-beast.

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After they leave us hanging through a bunch of commercials, we come back and Jeff lets us know what's happening. We are changing things up, but we're taking a page from Second Chance and we're expanding from two tribes to three tribes. The third tribe will have to go to a new beach and start all over from scratch. I'm not a huge fan of this kind of twist; I think it puts that tribe at a severe disadvantage to have to start all over again. And with nothing!! But that's the way Jeff wants to play it, so we'll play it that way. Everyone will draw a new buff. An orange buff sends you back to Millennial Beach as a Vanua. If you draw purple, you'll go back to Gen X beach as a Takali. If you draw the new green buff, you'll head off to a new beach and be called Ikabula. He lets them know that the new Green tribe will get the extra member to help with the work. And it's time to draw...let's see how it goes. Taylor is worried that he might get split up from Figgy.

As everyone opens their new buffs, Michaela is the first to find a green buff and she is visibly pissed off. And just like that, Taylor and Figgy manage to stay together. They will switch over to the purple Takali tribe with Adam. They'll join Gen X leftovers and new alliance-mates Ken and Jessica. Over on the Vanua tribe, Zeke and Michelle will remain and be joined by Chris, David and CeCe. For our brand new Ikabula tribe, there is a 4-2 Millennial v Gen X split as Jay, Michaela, Hannah and Will join up with Bret and Sunday.


Jeff asks Michaela about her obvious anger. She tells him that he didn't do this right. She tells us that she is completely pissed to have to start over with no food. And just like that, there is no challenge and they all get to head back to camp. As they head out, Zeke tells us that this was a disaster scenario for him. He's outnumbered and the only Millennial he's with is Michelle, whom he doesn't have much of a relationship with and doesn't trust. So he knows he's under the gun right off the bat.

The first of the new tribes we'll check in with is the newest, Ikabula. We start with introductions and Bret laments about his 4-2 numbers disadvantage. His plan is to work as hard as possible to show that he is needed. So, as they start to build, it's Jay that takes the lead. He tells us that his Gen X'ers aren't very helpful at all. And either way, with a 4-2 split, they're next to go. So, he's good even if they lose the first challenge. I have to say - he looks like a bro. He sounds like a bro. But I think there's a lot more going on with Jay than there is with your typical bro. He might not be as in tune with the game as a Malcolm, but he has a lot going on and might just be a force as this game gets deeper.

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