The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 7

Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 11, 2016

How silly do I look in this hat? Thiiiis much

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Korey is pretty terrible at the dance, to be honest. Unless the judges are generous, he’s going to struggle with this task for several attempts. Sheri, on the other hand, is terrific and gets it on her first try.

As Blair says, “And then there were two.” At this point, Tyler & Korey’s best hope is the fact that Scott is doing the challenge, because we’re pretty sure if Blair had taken it that it wouldn’t even be close. Charmingly, she tells her father that “the most important thing is to have fun. We’re still in it.”

With the music playing for the first time, Scott struggles and knows almost right away that he’s way off. Sheri & Cole finish the leg in fifth place. She tells Phil that they were looking for a beautiful woman, because they knew they’d find Phil beside her. Mr. Keoghan only takes a little bit of offense.

On his sixth try, Scott finishes the dance. Blair & Scott are on their way. Korey kindly yells, “Good job, Scott!”


And, oh dear. Blair had picked up both her and her father’s backpacks before leaving, which means that Scott… picks up Tyler’s backpack. Tyler almost immediately notices and starts to freak out, but at the same time he knows he needs to cheer Korey, who finally gets it done on his eighth attempt.

Before they get into their cab, Blair notices that her father has Tyler’s backpack. She tells him that he has to take it back, and he does. Of course, this means that it’s now a cab race between the bottom two teams to the Pitstop. Scott figures he can beat them in a foot race. Of course, they don’t count on Tyler & Korey’s crazy driver, who blows right by the father/daughter taxi and then drives on the sidewalk to get them where they’re going.

And it’s Tyler & Korey who hit the mat first, meaning that the last team to arrive is Scott & Blair. “No more dancing for you,” says Tyler. “One day I’m going to play that song and you’re going to have, like, war flashbacks.”

Scott & Blair have, sadly, been eliminated from the race. Blair talks about how her father is her hero, while her dad says that “Blair was more successful in her life at the age of 15 than I was at the age of 50...You’ve gotta be proud to have a daughter like that.”

We’ll miss Blair’s upbeat attitude and kindness to everyone she encounters. Maybe, just maybe, if she and Brodie become a thing, we’ll see them on another edition of The Amazing Race.

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