The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 7

Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 11, 2016

How silly do I look in this hat? Thiiiis much

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Once teams arrive at the bottom of the hill in their gondola, they are all getting taxis to take them over to Jvari Monastery. Tyler & Korey arrive first, and will choose their Detour task between learning about Georgian wine-making or the country’s favorite candy. Apparently, Georgia is the birthplace of wine-making, where they have a unique fermentation process that uses an enormous clay pot. Our teams who choose this task will have to clean one of those pots in order to receive their next clue.

For the candy task, they will make a string of five “churchkhelas,” which involves them stringing together nuts and then dipping them in wine, flower and sugar. Once complete, they’ll hang out their candy to dry, at which point they’ll be awarded the next clue. There are only four stations at the candy-making challenge, which probably tells you this is the easier task. Tyler & Korey and Brodie & Kurt are the first two teams to arrive, which means they of course choose candy. They’re followed by Burnie & Ashley and Zach & Rachel, who also go with candy, which means any of the remaining teams will be hurting if they try to go to the candy task.

Accordingly, Sheri & Cole are wise enough to choose the cleaning challenge, while Matt & Dana and Scott & Blair will be stuck at the candy challenge without a station to use, because they have both elected to go with that task. We think Blair picks it because she wants to eat the candy. She and her father also figure they can spend their wait time learning how to create the candy string.

Of course, once they see that all of the other teams are at the candy task except for Sheri & Cole, both the dancers and the daddy/daughter team decide it’s better to switch over to the cleaning task. The only problem is that the wine is apparently a pretty good distance away. The dancers go ahead and get back in their taxi, but Blair & Scott decide to just stay and wait for one of the other candy-making teams to finish the task so they can take over their station.


Tyler & Korey talk about “dipping their nuts,” which still isn’t as bad as Phil’s midnight train to Georgia crack. Because they have to use needles to string the nuts together, there is a lot of finger poking. Brodie’s finger is quite bloody, in fact.

Bad Dana returns as they’re on the cab ride over to the cleaning task. She obnoxiously berates her cab driver for being too slow and tells him to hurry up. As for the only team at the cleaning task as of this moment, they figure they’re either killing it or being killed since all of the other teams are elsewhere.

Candy doesn’t prove to be the easiest assignment, though. Brodie & Kurt have to re-do one of their strings, while Tyler & Korey are sent back to do over four of theirs. Zach & Rachel have been fastidious with their strings, though, and are given the thumbs up from the candy judge. They are awarded their next clue, which directs them to proceed to the Rustaveli National Theater. Burnie & Ashley are right behind them.

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