The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 7

Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 11, 2016

How silly do I look in this hat? Thiiiis much

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Blair & Scott get thumbs up for their candy, so they’re ready to move on to dancing duties. Dana & Matt are also finished with the cleaning challenge, which means that Tyler & Korey are once again fighting for their Race lives. It only gets worse when they’re told that their pot is good but not good enough. What the heck, guys?

It’s pretty close, though, because they’re sent on their way after a bit of cursory work. Kurt is taking the Roadblock for Team Frisbee. Apparently he’s done salsa dancing for 10 years, so he figures he can probably pick it up pretty quickly.

Ashley thinks she’s ready to dance, but she’s so excited to dance that she starts too early. But she gets to go again before Zach can get an attempt in, and she succeeds. She and Burnie are instructed to go to the Pitstop at the Bridge of Peace in the heart of Tblisi. They grab a taxi and are on their way.

Scott says that he and Blair “celebrate mediocrity” because it always turns out okay for them in the end. Remind us not to hire him as our doctor/lawyer. They’re slowed up on their journey to the theater because their taxi driver needs gas. Needless to say, their nerves are on end.

Zach gets it wrong on his first attempt, which gives Kurt a chance to move the Frisbee dudes ahead of them. But he also messes up, though to his credit he immediately knows exactly what he did wrong. Matt & Dana arrive and as predicted, she nearly cries when she sees that it’s a dance challenge. She’s going to breeze through this thing.


Kurt messes up again, but knows it immediately. Sheri and Korey are taking the challenge for their respective teams. We supposed Blair & Scott are still getting gas.

Our leaders, Burnie & Ashley, believe that they have arrived at the location of the Pitstop but are quickly disabused of that notion by a local who tells them that it is in “quite another district.” They ask her to write directions in Georgian so that they can share them with their cabbie.

This opens a door for Zach & Rachel, because he has finished his dance successfully. Kurt is just moments behind. Blair & Scott are finally at the theater, and she tells her father that she thinks he should do the task. Oh… dear. This is going to end poorly for them, isn’t it?

Obviously, Dana gets it right on her first attempt, and looks amazing while she does it. At this point, we have a pretty tight race between as many as four teams for first place. Ultimately, it appears to come down to Zach & Rachel and Burnie & Ashley - is it faux editing or will we have a shocker here?

And… it’s a shocker! Zach & Rachel pull of the first place finish. They can’t believe it, and it only gets better when they learn that they’ll be going to the Turks and Caicos. Burnie & Ashley come in right behind them, followed almost immediately by the Frisbee dudes and the dancers. For once, Dana is smiling.

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