The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 7

Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 11, 2016

How silly do I look in this hat? Thiiiis much

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Since they are having to almost start over from scratch on their candy, Tyler & Korey are really struggling. Their fingers are numb and sore, and they’ve reached the point that they can’t actually string any more nuts. So, they decide that they’d better go ahead and switch tasks. They leave for the winery. It’s looking like another bad leg for our faves.

As they leave, the boys run into Matt & Dana, who have just returned from their long trip. They ask the duo where the winery is, and the dancers tell Tyler & Korey that they were never able to find it. Tyler & Korey tell Matt & Dana that the candy challenge is extremely difficult, so both teams are now headed over to the cleaning challenge. Yikes.

Sheri asks Cole to find some water, and although he looks at several barrels, he misses the hose that is right in front of his face. They ask their judge to check out their clay pot, and he tells them it’s good but not good enough. It’s at this point that Cole notices the spout for water and he rushes over to get some so that he and his mother can complete the Detour.

Our first place team is Zach & Rachel (for a change), and they arrive at the Rustaveli National Theater, which is where the Roadblock for today’s leg will be performed. “Who’s light on their feet?” asks the clue, and the two of them quickly deduce that it probably relates to ballet. So, we’ll call it the “Matt and Dana Challenge,” because they’re obviously going to blow right through it regardless of which one of them takes the assignment.

And it’s true - each team’s representative will have to master some ballet choreography before they can move forward. This is going to be a toughie for a few teams - most notably the Frisbee players and perhaps Tyler & Korey. As for Zach & Rachel, they choose Zach because he did some tap dancing as a child. He immediately flips out because the dance is fast and complicated.


Brodie & Kurt finally wrap up the candy challenge, and encourage Blair & Scott for...well, reasons. (Have we mentioned that Brodie liiiiiikes Blair? Yes? A lot? At least we’re not calling them Blodie today. Or Brair.)

When Tyler & Korey and Matt & Dana arrive at the cleaning challenge, Sheri & Cole get very excited. They have effectively just finished the task, so they can feel comfortable with their position for the remainder of the leg… presuming they know how to dance.

Speaking of dancing, Ashley will take the challenge for their team, while Zach is learning all of the little details that go into the performance. Also, they get to wear awesome wigs, which makes the whole thing worthwhile!

Even though both teams are struggling this leg, Dana and Tyler both seem to be having fun together while their counterparts are down in the pots cleaning. They giggle as they run the waste to the bin, and Matt says that even if the job itself is awful, if it helps them stay in the race it’s not so bad. His attitude is always pretty great, even if Dana can be a pill.

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