Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 7 - It's Merge Time

By Jim Van Nest

April 4, 2016

At least he has his ice cream.

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Hello, good people, and thank you for joining me for Episode 7 of Survivor Kaoh Rong! When last we hung out, the yellow Gondol tribe won a sweet reward of nice tuna fish sandwiches (in 115 degree weather...ugh) but ended up falling short on the immunity challenge and went back to Tribal for the second straight time. For a minute, it seemed that young Julia was going to be the sacrificial lamb, but a last minute switcheroo AT Tribal by Aubry swung the votes over to Dr. Peter and he was sent out as the last member of the pre-merge tribe!

As promised in promos, tonight will be the merge and with an even amount of the original three tribes left (well, mostly even), it should prove to be an absolute cluster of conversation and strategy and moves. How will Joe feel about Aubry switching her vote? Will she decide to ditch the Brains and stick with her new Gondol alliance? Can Scot join Kyle and Tai and create the game's first Super Idol? How many more jobs will Debbie tell us about tonight? Those are just a few of the burning questions for tonight's episode. Also shown in previews, Jeff makes a special visit to the merged tribe camp and threatens to change the game again. Whoa - what could THAT mean?? I guess it's time to find out.

We begin tonight's episode at the Gondol camp after Tribal. You would expect that Joe would be upset with Aubry about the changed vote, but actually, it's Scot. He and Joe were talking about the "Original Plan" line from Tribal and Scot said that the original plan was Peter and that Joe didn't go with it and Aubry waivered on it. Sure, she voted for Peter, but she wrote down Julia's name first. He says he can't trust them and if they have to vote again, a Brain will go home again. Aubry is caught off guard by this interpretation of her vote, but she realizes that at this point, perception is the reality and she's feeling like this is the end of the Brains tribe.


The next day, we join the tribe around the fire as Tai is having some sort of argument with the chicken. Joe tells us that at this point, the chicken is in better graces with the tribe than he is.

We check in with Chan Loh (that's the blue tribe) and Neal is walking on the beach when Cydney notices a bulge in his pocket. She says that since she knows what an idol looks like, she is pretty sure that Neal has one. So, she alerts Kyle to the bulge and he agrees that Neal definitely has an idol. Now it's time for him to plant the Neal seed and see what he can do to get Neal out next.

But wait - what's that on the horizon? Holy crap, it's the merge boat!! A parchment lets them know that they have five minutes to gather all of their belongings and head over to the Gondol beach. Michele is excited to have made the merge, but she's really worried about her place in the game at this point. Air Patrol Capt. Debbie is also excited about the merge. She can't wait to find people and bring them in. Ultimately, that's what they want, anyway - to be brought in. So, she plans to do that when the tribes merge.

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