Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 7 - It's Merge Time

By Jim Van Nest

April 4, 2016

At least he has his ice cream.

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Tai goes first and the scrapes on his legs are scabbed up nicely, so nothing wrong with Tai. Scot is up next and he has some nasty little infections. Doc decides to just keep an eye on Scot for now. Aubry is up next with the massive bump on her leg. The doc decides to give her some antibiotics, rather than lance her big ole whatever it is. Neal is up next as he has a huge open sore on his leg as well as a real nasty one on his back. These do not look good at all. The doc doesn't seem to be too worried about the sore on Neal's back. It's nasty looking, but nothing that would require his removal from the game. But, the doc needs to check out the sore on his knee. He is worried that a nasty infection in the knee could potentially affect his ability to walk later on in life.

And just like that, the doctor is pulling Neal from the game. Neal will be our first jury member. He can't win, but he will have a chance to decide the winner. Neal comes back and addresses the group, says his goodbyes. Aubry is crushed to see him go. Jeff lets everyone know that there will be no Tribal, so they all get a break from that.


The only thing to wonder about here is what happens to his idol. Aubry is hoping he'll be able to get it to her and as he makes the rounds hugging everyone, he never actually hands over the idol. Aubry is devastated. Not only did she lose her biggest ally in the game to a fluke, but he went home with the idol and didn't hand it over. I'll be interested to see his video tomorrow to see if perhaps Jeff wouldn't allow him to hand it over. I mean, let's face it - another idol search will be WAY more fun than just secretly handing it to someone else, right? And just like that, the game takes a nasty turn for the Brains. They lost their numbers and their idol. Who knows what will happen to them now?

Next time on Survivor: with Brains on the outs, it looks like Beauty and Brawn will pick them off one by one. But wait - Kyle and Cydney seem to be having trouble in paradise and it looks like she's ready to let her rip and tear the game apart. Hopefully something like that happens, or the next few weeks could be ridiculously boring television. 'Til next time - take care everyone!

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