Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 7 - It's Merge Time

By Jim Van Nest

April 4, 2016

At least he has his ice cream.

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We come back from break as the Chan Loh tribe comes into the view of Gondol beach. Scot is pumped to have his Brawn tribemates back with him. Aubry feels like she has a new lease on life with Neal and Debbie in camp now. It's time for the merge feast. There's lots of talk at the feast, but it can be summed up by saying that Kyle is threatening to take Tai away from Scot, and Nick did very little talking, instead watching the dynamics of the new tribe. He tells us that he is tight with Michele, and that they are in a great place in the game. He is certain that the Brains will not want to work with Brawn, so that puts him in a good place.

Once the feasting is over, we join Aubry telling Debbie all about Peter and why they got rid of him. Aubry is thrilled that Debbie and Neal are still tight. Debbie tells us that Brains are super tight and strong. Nick talks up Neal to see if he'd want to work together to take out the Brawn. Aubry comes into the conversation as Neal and Nick realize that if Nick and Michele join the Brains, they have the numbers to control this next vote. Nick tells Neal that Tai and Julia seemed to be locked in with Scot. Kyle tries to pull in Nick by telling him that he's pretty sure that Neal has an idol. As they talk, Scot tells Nick and Kyle that Tai has an idol. Kyle is psyched to know that they essentially have a super idol and are unstoppable. Nick tells us that he doesn't care for Scot and Kyle's overconfidence, but that it's good in that they'll never see the blindside coming.


We come back from break to the morning of Day 18. The Brains and Tai are sitting around the fire and Debbie just throws it out there that she wants Tai in her alliance. Tai shakes on it, but very tentatively. He tells us that he sees right through her. Debbie also confirms that Nick is in, so that means Michele is in. Aubry and Neal don't care for the way Debbie is going about this. Aubry doesn't think they actually have Michele, and she feels like Debbie's coming off as desperate. The next conversation we join is Kyle, Cydney and Julia talking about how the Brawn and Beauties need to band together and dump the Brains. He says the Beauties always end up with the jocks anyway. He's so douchey - and for some reason, I can't help but like the guy. I don't know why, but Kyle's douchiness just doesn't rub me the wrong way like Nick's does. I can't explain it. As Kyle starts talking about Aubry being the vote, Michele doesn't feel like she necessarily wants to stick with the Brawn.

Aubry takes Nick aside and tells him that she really wants to work with him, and she's concerned about the way Debbie is going about things. Nick agrees - Debbie is awful. He wants to work with the Brains, but the way Debbie is acting is really putting him off. He doesn't want her having any kind of power, especially not more than he has. Neal and Aubry are off talking next. She tells Neal that Debbie is scaring everyone off of their alliance. She tells him that she thinks Nick is ready to leave the group due to Debbie. As they talk, Neal tells Aubry that he has an idol and they plan to figure out who the vote is coming for, so they can use his idol to change the course of the game.

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