Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 7 - It's Merge Time

By Jim Van Nest

April 4, 2016

At least he has his ice cream.

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After the commercials, it's time for a Probst Sighting!! Before we get to the challenge, everyone has a wound competition as they all show off their infections and scabs and scrapes. Pretty much everyone has some kind of injury. Today's challenge is the ol' stand on a board holding a ball on a disc. At regular intervals, another ball will be added. Last one with their balls on their disc wins immunity. So, let's see who can channel their inner Keith Nale. Let's go. Joe is the first to drop out. Scot is very wobbly, but manages to hold on. Debbie drops off second. With 30 seconds left to a break, Kyle loses it and drops out.

Once the group hits five minutes, Jeff has them all add a second ball. Michele, Neal and Scot drop out in the first 20 seconds. Then Cydney and Aubry join the ranks of the out. Seriously, did Jeff just say, "Tai's balls banging into each other?" Yep, he did. It should be mentioned here that Julia looks like a statue out there. Almost no movement at all.

After another five minutes, they get a slight break and now have to add a third ball. There is no time limit here; this is the final round. Last person standing wins immunity. Julia the statue gets a little wiggle and loses one of the balls. It's now Nick vs. Tai for immunity. Both have a lot of movement and ultimately, Tai loses it and Nick wins immunity. As we head to break, Neal tells us that he has every intention of using his idol tonight. He's not sure if it will be for him or Aubry, but he's ready to play it and take control of the game.


As the tribe gets back to camp, everyone congratulates Nick. He tells us that this Tribal tonight will help determine the end of the game. It's the Brains vs the Brawn with himself and the other Beauties in the middle. The plan has remained the same, Aubry is the vote. It should be 7-4. They're hoping Neal will play his idol for himself and then they can vote out Aubry. Nick tells us that he is leaning toward Brawn right now, but he seems like he'd really like to take out either Scot or Kyle. Neal, Nick and Joe powwow and talk about trying to take out one of the Brawn. They all agree that Brawn is too tight and that everyone else is a pawn in their game. Neal feels like he has Nick on his side, but they need Michele to have the 6-5 advantage. We join Debbie, Michele and Aubry in the water, and they think either Jason or Scot need to be voted out tonight. Aubry tells us that if they aren't able to score the Beauties, they will play the idol. Michele tells us that she likes Debbie and Aubry, but she's not sure that's what is best.

Michele and Nick get together to compare notes. They seem to decide to go with Brawn. Nick feels like he can manipulate the Brawns and he knows he can beat them in any puzzle. They plan to lie to the Brains, but when push comes to shove, Aubry will be their vote tonight. As they firm up their plans, here comes a random boat into camp. Wha??? Jeff is coming to town with the doctor. Scot has no idea who they're here to see. Jeff tells them that after the challenge, he wanted to have the doctor come and check on everyone, since they all seem to have some sort of issue, including some pretty nasty looking infections.

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