The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 5

We're Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 14, 2016

We'll actually miss the Clevvr girls.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, the Racers tried to make #blodie a thing. Not even Blair and Brodie are sure that #blodie should be a thing. Also, eight of them finished within a minute of each other, which will save us the inevitable bunching at the beginning of this leg. Unfortunately, there was one team that did not finish within that minute time frame, and that means Brittany and Jessica were eliminated from the Race. They never made a big impression, honestly. We’re sure they’re nice, but we didn’t see enough of them to miss them now that they’re gone.

It’s time for the episode to begin, and you know what that means! Clothes change! Yes, all the teams are in Chamonix, and they go to the lobby of their lodge to discover some Alps-appropriate gear to wear. If you didn’t know, the temperature is slightly lower here than in Columbia, by which we mean they’ve taken an entire digit off of the temperature. Oddly, everyone stands in the middle of the floor and changes into their apparel, which reminds us of those movie segments where girls try on different cute outfits.

Starting out the leg, teams must search a car with one of eight license plates. Once they find a designated car, they will proceed to Les Grands Montets Gondola Station. Neither of us has a fear of heights, yet we still have a bad feeling about this.

The Frisbee dudes make it clear that they view Tyler & Korey as the competition. This leads to a humorous exchange once they reach the Gondola station. The teams are given the opportunity to pick a mountain guide. Brodie & Kurt immediately lock in on the ones whose unmistakable athleticism will enhance their natural Frisbee skills. Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey’s primary thought about their guide is “Threesome!”


This seems like a good time to mention that everyone is responsible for a pair of baguettes. This leads to such strange statements as, “We picked our guide; we got our bread.” Sounds like someone’s using Tinder in the grocery store. We also view an odd comment from Burnie when he notes the flatness of his baguette. He claims this is unusual, but Ashley sells him out on national television.

On the gondola with Brodie & Kurt and Tyler & Korey, mountain madness has set in. Here is a sampling of their dialogue:

“What’s that snow movie where they eat each other?”
“We all agree to eat Tyler first, right?”
“Why would you eat me?”

At this point, we’re surprised that the other people on the gondola don’t jump off.

Now is the time when a father and daughter have an awkward conversation. Scott points out a beautiful church, and Blair happily states that she’d like to get married there someday. He says a couple of words that the audio conveniently drops out on before pointing out that she first has to straighten out her boyfriends… or friends. She sheepishly defends her comments as harmless, but his facial reactions tell us he doesn’t think Blair can handle a relationship for a weekend, much less a marriage. The editing crew does have some fun by cutting in with Frisbee dude, the other half of #blodie.

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