The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 5

We're Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 14, 2016

We'll actually miss the Clevvr girls.

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When they reach the top of the mountain, they realize that they have to rappel a short distance to a different mountain peak to retrieve their next clue. It’s probably only 20 feet, but since they’re a couple of miles in the air, the challenge delivers a fear factor level that is scarier than The Exorcist. Most people stop joking and start fearing, except for Dana, who thinks it’d be hilarious if she suddenly let Matt plummet to his jagged death.

The first three players are all great, and Ashley is equally impressive… until the wind picks up and blows her clue out of her pocket. It slides down the mountain to a place where it’ll probably still be 100 years for now.

As for the other players, they are now set for the Detour, where their options are to deliver dynamite and lunch to a team of avalanche management workers or to build a campsite using gear from a major retailer whose name you might recognize. We see four REI products within 10 feet of one another, a product placement that’s about to blow up on the company.

Brodie & Kurt, Tyler & Korey and Matt & Dana all choose the dynamite challenge, and it seems highly irresponsible to trust inexperienced people with that kind of powerful weapon. If you want to imagine what these teams have to go through to deliver their dynamite, imagine the Lost episode with Arzt and the dynamite, but up on the very tip-top of a mountain. There is a lot of panic in the voices of various Racers, as they tell each other to take it slow.


Burnie & Ashley made an interesting if potentially catastrophic call in going for the camping challenge. They choose it because they’re trying to gain an advantage and figure the only way to do so is by trying something different than the other lead teams, but it also is assuredly the safer decision. They talk about how they have lots of experience building these types of pup tents, but almost as the words come out of their mouths, a piece breaks. Probably not the glowing endorsement REI was hoping for.

Remember when Dana was laughing at Matt for his peril at having to rappel for the clue? Well, karma caught up with her quickly, because the path to deliver the dynamite is terrifying. She repeatedly tells him how scared she is, and that’s after she has a panic attack when they mistakenly climb a bunch of stairs looking for their dynamite in the wrong area. We’d feel sorry for her except for the fact that she’s been absolutely unbearable so far.

Back at the first area, Sheri is taking on the rappelling challenge for her team, and we go to commercial as she panics on the way over to the clue She’s basically frozen right in the middle of the line - and of course, she’s crying, but then again she has been from the moment they arrived at the mountain.

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