Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 30, 2015

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Hello, good people, and thanks for coming back after a break to finish off this crazy season of Survivor. When last we hung out, Kimmi Kappenberg was sent to Ponderosa after the craziest Tribal Council in the history of the show. There are only five players left - three from Season 29 Blood vs Water 2 and two from season 28 Cagayan. Hell, they all were on the same tribe to begin their respective seasons. Kelley, Jeremy and Keith on Hunahpu and Tasha and Spencer on the Brains tribe in Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. More important, three of them were part of my preseason Final 3 - Jeremy, Tasha and Kelley. So to set up this final column, we have five Survivors left, two Immunity challenges coming up and three fantastic Tribal Councils to go, after which one person will be crowned the Sole Survivor and win a sweet million bucks in the process.

While I took my break, the episode itself went straight from Kimmi's ouster to the camp as the Survivors return after the crazy Tribal. Talk is all about the crazy Tribal they just witnessed. Keith tells us that after all the crazy stuff, Kimmi went home, but somehow he was on the block. He tells us that he and Kelly are still on the bottom. Kelley tells us that Tribal was wild, but didn't go the way she wanted it to, and now she's right back where she was and without the security of an idol. Before we head to break, we get another segment from the live finale. Jeff has a picture from Tribal and does his best John Madden explaining what went down. I mean, we all already got it, but why not waste a couple more minutes of show time at the live finale. UGH!

And we come back from break to another amazing aerial shot of a massive challenge. Oh yeah, we do get another Probst sighting, but they aren't too rare tonight. Anyway, today's immunity challenge is very involved. They'll race through a crazy obstacle course comprised of six obstacles. At the end of each one is a bag of puzzle pieces. Once you're back with all six bags, you'll need to solve a puzzle to win immunity.

Kelley heads to the toughest obstacle first. We'll have to see if that strategy pays off. As it turns out, Kelley doesn't fall too far behind the group. Jeremy has jumped out to a lead as he comes back with his fourth bag. Keith also has four bags and Kelley has caught up to bring her fourth bag back. Jeremy and Keith move on to number five while Kelley and Tasha lag a little behind. Spencer is falling out of this. Kelley is first back with all six bags. Jeremy and Keith are pretty close behind, while Spencer and Tasha are still a full bag behind.

They finally catch up to the rest and everyone is working on their puzzle. Kelley and Jeremy are leading the way on the puzzle, with Keith surprisingly right behind. This is one of those puzzles where the more pieces you get placed, the easier it becomes. Kelley jumps ahead of the guys and never looks back. Kelley Wentworth wins immunity and a one in four shot at a million dollars. As we head to commercial, Keith tells us that the wrong person won immunity tonight and that it looks like most of the nails are in his coffin. But, this is Survivor, so you never know.


And we're back to play "it's anyone but Keith." As they arrive at camp, we're reminded that this is Day 37. Wow, almost there, right? Spencer tells us that Kelley winning was the worst thing that could have happened. He tells us that he's worried about an idol at this point. Kelley and Keith convene to talk about options. She tells him she does not have an idol, but she thinks they should make a fake one. So, she grabs a medallion from an old tree mail, plus some string and beads she's been hoarding and puts them together like a necklace, wraps them up in the "congrats you found an idol" clue from her last idol and voila, instant immunity idol. She points out, as she's making it, that since all the idols look different this season, this could actually work to fool someone. Once back at camp and when it was clear, she hands the package over to Keith. She tells us that if the other three get wind of Keith possibly having an idol, the paranoia might be great enough for something crazy to happen at Tribal.

So, Keith heads off with his new "idol" and starts planning how to play this. As he walks away, Tasha asks Jeremy how he's feeling. He says it feels funny. Feels like they're up to something. He thinks they're acting funny. Which is exactly what they're hoping for. Meanwhile, Keith is away from camp and takes a second to look at the idol Kelley made. He's pretty impressed with the quality. He wraps it back up and heads back to camp, via the beach. While in eyeshot of the shelter, he can be seen tucking something into his shorts. I can't tell for sure if Jeremy sees this, but they make it look like he does.

Anyway, he tells us that he's super worried that one of them will pull out an idol at Tribal and end his game. Tasha keeps telling him to relax, but as he tells us, she won't be the one they're coming for. They're either coming at him or Spencer and he figures it will be him. What follows is one of the damn funniest things I've ever seen on Survivor. To set the stage: Tasha is lying down in the shelter with her back to Jeremy. Jeremy is sitting on the shelter looking out over the fire. Keith is sitting in one of the reward chairs overlooking the fire and he's sitting perpendicular to Jeremy. So, not directly facing him, but definitely within range of peripheral vision.

Well, Jeremy decides he wants to get Keith's attention without alerting Tasha. The scene we see is about 30 solid seconds of Jeremy trying to quietly get Keith's attention. He's waving at him, quietly snapping his fingers, everything but throwing stuff at him. It's absolutely hilarious watching the frustration grow on Jeremy's face while we can also see Keith just oblivious to anything else going on around him. It's a great moment caught on film, to be sure. He finally gets Keith's attention and tells him they need to vote Spencer tonight. Keith tells us about this "conversation" and is thinking that maybe Jeremy is gonna try to bring Keith into the fold now.

He tells Kelley about it, and she doesn't get too excited as she tells him to keep that idol handy and that he might have to bring it out to try to change things at Tribal. He tells us that he might have to pull the idol out at Tribal and announce that he ain't going home. Although, I can't imagine anyone would buy that, at this stage of the game.

Jeff starts out Tribal by resetting the alliances. It's Tasha, Jeremy and Spencer vs Keith and Kelley. Tasha confirms this as does Kelley. Keith also confirms that unless something changes, he'll be going home tonight. Spencer says that it seems pretty cut and dry and that in this crazy season of blindside and flips, maybe a group actually staying together and voting accordingly will be the new "big move." Jeff asks Jeremy about idol paranoia. He says there is plenty of concern about idols. Spencer agrees. He says that if either Keith or Kelley has an idol, they'll decide who goes home tonight.

Jeff asks Kelley if she's ready to vote, and she makes a comment about her vote not mattering, which is weird considering that Spencer just said her vote could be controlling who goes home, but whatever. Tasha doesn't agree that her vote doesn't matter, especially since Kelley is the "idol whisperer," apparently. Jeff asks Keith what he does all afternoon, since the outcome seems to be predetermined. He says that there are some tricks out there that are yet to be seen. This gets everyone's attention, but will it be enough to make them switch their vote? We'll find out because it is time to vote.

No one plays an idol and it's time to read the votes. Spencer, Keith, Spencer, Keith. 15th person voted out and the ninth member of our jury, Keith. I've heard some grumblings that Keith should have at least played the fake idol, but I'm not sure I understand the point of that. It was fake. He knew it was fake. His only chance with it was to bluff someone into switching their vote. Would pulling it out during Tribal have done anything? I doubt it. With the alliance as tight as it is, I'm not sure there was a way to leverage that idol at all. I think Kelley and Keith did the best they could with what they had and they just came up against a tight three that has no plans on turning on one another.

And with very little ado, we're back to another Probst sighting. We are gathering for the final immunity challenge. Winner of this challenge has a guaranteed spot in the final Tribal and will have a huge part in determining who will sit next to them. Today's challenge will really test the Survivor's ability to concentrate and focus - something that has to be ridiculously hard to do at this stage of the game. Each one has a rig in front of them designed for a ball to travel down. It will twist, turn and spiral until eventually reaching the bottom where it will fall out of the rig.

The whole point of the challenge is to not let that ball hit the ground. They have to follow it along and catch it when it comes out. The hard part is that at regular intervals, Jeff will have them add another ball. With the addition of each new ball, it will be harder and harder to keep track of them all and it will also be difficult for the hands to keep up with the eyes. Oh yeah, did I mention that they'll have one hand tied behind their back for this challenge? Last person that hasn't dropped a ball wins immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final Tribal.

Everyone handles the first round of this pretty easily. Jeff then gives them 30 seconds to drop the second ball onto the track. It's up to them to drop it to give them a nice separation of balls. Everything goes pretty smoothly through the first few rounds of this challenge. It isn't until they're adding the fourth ball that Kelley has a brain fart and lets a ball hit the ground. She is out of this challenge. Only a couple minutes later, Tasha drops out of the challenge.

It's now a battle between Spencer and Jeremy, and they both just added the fifth ball to their track. And after only a minute or so, Spencer has two balls come out at the same time and only one hand to grab them. Jeremy wins immunity! Upon hearing Jeff call out his name, Jeremy breaks down a little bit. He talks a little bit about family and about how he's thought about this moment for so long. Meanwhile, Kelley Wentworth is shedding her own tears, but not for the same reason. Jeff asks her about it. She says that she knew she had to win today because the other three are so tight. Jeff gives Jeremy the necklace and sends them all back to camp.

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