Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 30, 2015

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We come back from break to a fun game of "It's anyone but Kelley Wentworth." Jeremy tells us how happy he is to be immune at this last vote. He has his alliance of Tasha and Spencer, but he really needs to think about who are the best people to sit with. Tasha breaks it down the same way. She thinks the relationship is strong enough for Jeremy to take her to the end, but ultimately, he could change his mind and end her game. Once left alone, the trio of Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha slap high fives and congratulate themselves on making it to the end.

Spencer confirms with Jeremy that they're locked in. He tells us, though, that he hates not having his fate in his own hands. He does, however, consider this a test. Did he make strong enough relationships to have someone else decide to bring him to the end? If so, it'll be redemption of sorts for him. Spencer finally gets alone time with Kelley and asks her if she knows who she'll be voting for. She's pretty dejected and asks if it even matters. He tells her that he won't hold it against her if she decides to throw her vote on him. The whole conversation is weird because you can tell it's heavily edited. At one point, Spencer says he thinks he has a shot to win the game. He also tells Kelley that he's voting for her only because he thinks she would kick his ass in the final Tribal - which, she would.

Anyway, Kelley seems to have latched onto Spencer saying that he thinks he can win and decides that she'll try to use that as a way to get Jeremy to change his mind and dump Spencer instead of her. I'll give her this - in an absolutely unwinnable spot in the game, she isn't going down without a fight. So she takes this new info to Jeremy. She tells him that Spencer is well spoken and that he's played both sides and that maybe the jury would appreciate that. He asks her if she would be down for making fire. Of course she would. That means she still has a chance to make it to the end. He tells us that it really boils down to who he thinks would be easier to beat. Spencer or Kelley. He does tell us that he might go ahead and force the tie and let them build fire to earn their place. I'm gonna go ahead and point out that if he forces them to make fire and Kelley wins - then my final three will be THE final three. Just sayin'. Let's go to Tribal.

Jeff starts Tribal by talking about Jeremy's breakdown after winning the challenge. He says that he had so much emotion built up making it to the end that it had to come out. Spencer talks about hoping that his bonds are strong enough to get him to the end. Kelley talks about how you want to take the people you think you can beat to the end. Right off the bat they're starting to make their cases. Kelley says that she'll be voting for Spencer because he's a big threat and he could sway the jury. Spencer chimes in that Kelley has played the best game overall, and that if they let her get to the end, he would vote for her. On top of that, he'd spend all his energy making sure that the rest of the jury was on board with voting for Kelley.

Jeff points out that no one has even mentioned Tasha in all of this. She says that she'll just sit there and shut up - which she pretty much does. Of course, I think everyone in the room knows that Tasha has no chance of winning this game. She's a non-factor and taking her out at this point would be pointless, so welcome to the final three, Tasha!

Kelley tries to make an argument that Spencer could win the game and says that Spencer thinks he can win. Spencer says he thinks he has a chance to win, but Kelley wins 100%, without question. Jeff asks Jeremy if his decision tonight is about who he thinks he can beat. He pauses and slowly says, "Yes." Jeff asks him if it could be a million dollar mistake. "Yes." And are you ready to vote? "Yes." But before they can vote, Spencer has to chime in one more time and tell Jeremy that if he keeps Kelley, he loses the game. He'll consider it a terrible move and make sure the jury knows how bad a move it was.

You know, even if he stays in the game now, I think Spencer just shot himself in the foot. You mention that Kelley is the biggest threat and that you would vote for her to win. Then you let it drop. Continuing on in that vein starts to seem like bullying and threatening. The jury won't like it and they'll remember it. Anyway, it IS time to vote.

We see Spencer's vote for Kelley, with him saying that he's so nervous he doesn't know what to do. We also see Kelley's vote for Spencer, with her saying that it is the last time she'll write his name down. She seems to have taken this really personally - which I find odd considering that he's doing what he has to do to stay in the game, just like she is. I don't know, sounds like the beginnings of a bitter juror to me. Jeremy takes a while but finally votes and Jeff heads over to tally.

First vote: Spencer. Wentworth. Wentworth. 16th person voted out and the 10th member of the jury - Kelley Wentworth. Regardless of what you thought of Spencer's play in this Tribal, he was right. Kelley Wentworth in the final three wins the game. Period. I don't think it would even be close. As it is now, Jeremy and Spencer have played a lot of this game together and could have similar cases for winning the game. Jeremy seems more well liked while Spencer seems more to blame, though. Tasha doesn't seem to have much of a shot.

The bummer for Tasha is that most of her best work came prior to the merge. The fact that she survived on Angkor is nothing short of amazing. But only Savage and Abi know about it. She was a huge force in the early going, but she dropped off the map as the game wore on. It will take one helluva final tribal for Tasha to stand a chance in this game.


Day 39 dawns and brings with it the Final 3 Feast. But not only do they get the feast, they also get a throwback to Season 1 - a mirror to see the toll the game has taken on them. As they check themselves out, Tasha tells us that she relied on her social game to get where she is. She didn't win challenges or anything. She's super proud of herself for making the end of the game after everything they went through this season.

As they begin to cook and eat, Spencer tells us that the game ain't over yet. He didn't come here to make the final three, he came here to win. He tells us that his goal coming into this game was to connect with people and use that as a way to get further in the game. Tonight is the ultimate test for him and what everything has been building up to. Jeremy tells us that this trip and this game have been all about his family. He just wants to take care of them. He plans to show the jury that he has been in control of the game. He has the idols and an immunity win in his pocket and that he surrounded himself with the right people to make it to the end and win the game. And with that, we head to the final Tribal Council of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance.

As we do every season, Jeff lets everyone know that this is where the power in the game shifts. It moves over to the jury. There will be no opening statements this time around; we'll just go straight to the questions. And the jury will start with Andrew Savage - this should be good.

Andrew congratulates them for making the final three in one of the toughest seasons of Survivor. He reminds them that most of the votes are up for grabs tonight so answers need to be full and honest. He is going to focus on Jeremy and Spencer. He tells Spencer that he was blown away by the arrogance he displayed and that he threatened to bury Jeremy if he didn't take him to the finals and did it all in front of the jury.

He wants to know if Spencer has any regrets about the arrogance he displayed. Spencer says that when he came into this game the first time, he was very arrogant and that he worked hard to not be that way this time around. He admits that at the last Tribal, he started to lean back toward who he was. But no, he doesn't regret the move, but he does regret the way he presented it. Andrew then asks Jeremy about the Kimmi Tribal. He says the whole jury watched him skip to the voting urn and give Kimmi a hard time when she was just trying to stay in the game. He basically wants to know what the deal was with all of HIS arrogance at that moment.

Jeremy says that he didn't view that as arrogant at all. He was upset. He said that all day long, Tasha and Spencer were trying to convince him that Kimmi flipped. And he told them she wouldn't do that to them and he stuck up for her. So when she used that against him and voted for him at Tribal, he was angry and yes, he skipped up to write her name down, but it was because she hurt his feelings and he was pissed about it. That's an amazing answer to a question that a lot of the jury was wondering about. After one juror, Jeremy is winning the game.

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