Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 30, 2015

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Next up is Stephen. Stephen starts off by congratulating them all. He tells Jeremy that he commends him for bringing integrity, trust and honor to a season where it didn't exist. He moves to Tasha and tells her that he sees her as a strategic force in the game, but it may have come off to others as if she simply did Jeremy's dirty work. He wants to give her a chance to dispel that myth. She says that she is a strong woman and no one dictated anything to her during this game. She goes on to say that if she didn't agree with something, she dug in her heels and always got what she wanted.

Stephen moves to Spencer, telling him that he always expected strong strategic play from him and he's wondering why Spencer got so caught up in the voting blocs at the cost of relationships. Spencer says that he didn't start with very strong relationships, so he flipped around to get himself to a better place in the game. He said this came at the expense of some of the relationships, including the one with Stephen. Eh - this is a vote for Spencer and I'm not sure it was ever in doubt.

Ciera is up next. She says that in this game, flipping is very rarely rewarded. But this season, because of the voting bloc theory, the jury is all left feeling betrayed and a little confused on how to vote. She wants them all to tell her why on THIS season, flipping should be rewarded. Jeremy says that for starters, this was one of the best casts on one of the best seasons of Survivor, and when Ciera came in challenging people to make big moves, he felt that opened the doors for people to move around a little more.

Tasha suggests that it was because of the multiple tribe swaps. She had deals made and Bayon, but then new deals needed to be made to stay alive at Angkor. Then it's back to Bayon, but a different Bayon where even more deals had to be made. She says that flipping was essential for her to stay in the game. Spencer says that the blocs were so fluid and ever changing that occasionally the lines would blur and he took advantage of that as a way to get himself from the bottom to the top.

Hmmm, everyone gave good answers and while I think Tasha's is definitely the right reason things were so fluid, I think what Jeremy said will resonate with the jury more. He complimented them all and then mentioned Ciera specifically. Jeremy is doing a very good job of giving the question asker the answer that he or she wants, without having to trash anyone else.

Keith is up next. He says that he's pretty simple and that he prefers humbleness. So his question is for Jeremy and Spencer to convince him of why the other should win the game. The one that convinces him the best will be the real winner in his eyes. Jeremy says that Spencer played a real solid game. He was almost voted out two Tribals in a row, but fought his way off the bottom. He won three immunities and is a very intelligent player. Spencer says that early on in the game, Jeremy did a great job of positioning himself on the top of his tribe and he was able to keep that all the way through the game. Hmm, that was kind of weak. Jeremy will probably get Keith's vote.


Next up is Abi. She says that Survivor is a game of big moves, but she wants to know what subtle moves each person made that helped them get to where they are. She starts with Tasha. She says that her subtle move was her relationship with Spencer. She said that while everyone looked at her and Jeremy as the power couple, she was way tighter with Spencer and that's what helped her make it to the end. Spencer says that his subtle move was around the Joe vote. They were both in the middle together and his move was to force the distrust more toward Joe then himself. Jeremy says that his subtle moves were based on always losing the team reward challenges. While camp was less crowded, he went looking for idols and found two of them. He was able to use one for Stephen which pulled them closer together and helped him move his game forward.

Kimmi, you're up. Here's the bitter juror!! She tells Spencer that at last night's Tribal he was an outright bully and she'll use that as an example for her kids of what never to do. She moves on to Jeremy and starts to hammer him because he, Tasha and Kimmi were a tight family and then he allowed Spencer to come in and replace her. He tells her that he never said Spencer replaced her. SHE said Spencer replaced her. He goes on to say that Kimmi was always with him and that's why he asked who wrote his name down, because it couldn't have been Kimmi. He finishes with, "I got duped by Kimmi Kappenberg." She has nothing else to say and heads back to the jury box.

And this was one of the best answers at a Tribal Council since Todd shut down Jean-Robert at the finale of Survivor: China. It's an awesome answer that definitely earned him Kimmi's vote and maybe some of the other jurors. Right now, Jeremy is running away with this thing.

Joey Amazing is up next. He tells them that his vote is completely up for grabs tonight. He starts with Tasha. He tells her that it seems like she was often kept out of the loop not knowing what was going on. He wants to hear from her a time where she didn't have control, but she took it. She talks about being in corporate America and dealing with alpha males all the time. Joe interrupts to ask if she has a specific time. She says that his vote out was one. Jeremy was back and forth about the all-girl alliance and whether or not they should make the move on Joe and she settled everything down and made the move. Other times, she let the game play around her as it was playing to her advantage. She called it the game within the game. He asks nothing of the guys. No idea where he is on this, but her answer was weak. So, I'm gonna put Joe in the Jeremy camp for now.

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