Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest

December 30, 2015

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Kelly Wiglesworth is next. She tells the group that 15 years ago, she sat in the same seat they're in and her fate was decided by one question. Aw shit, it's the pick a number! Damned if she didn't do it. She asks them to pick a number between one and 10. Jeremy picks two, Tasha three and Spencer four. Considering Richard Hatch chose seven and got Greg's vote - someone probably should have gone with that. That being said, Greg has said many times that he was voting for Rich no matter what. So, one can only assume Kelly already knows who she's voting for and didn't feel like wasting any time.

Finally, we get to the good stuff. Chaos Kass, the Queen of Ponderosa is up next. She says she only has one question for one person. So she goes at Spencer. She reminds him of when she flipped in Cagayan and he said that she had a zero percent chance of winning the game. And now, this time out, she says he played like Chaos Kass. So, why should she even consider giving him her vote when he's spent the last two years telling everyone that she's a dumbass?

He tells her that a lot of what he said back then came from a place of anger but that he doesn't feel like it's hypocritical to ask for her vote now as he's changed as a person. She congratulates him on making that change and admits that she needed to change a little too. She wishes him luck and suggests that maybe they can get a beer sometime. Uh oh - did Spencer just get Kass's vote???

Finishing it out is Kelley Wentworth. She says that she came out there this time to play her own game on her own and she accomplished that. She wants to know what their second chance story was about and did they accomplish what they set out to do. She begins with Tasha. She says that her goal was to maintain good relationships so that the people she was aligned with would know that they had a solid alliance with her. That was her second chance story. Eh.

Next up is Spencer. He says that his second chance has been about teetering between who he used to be and who he hopes to become. He came in last time with no people skills at all and did a lot of work to come in and make some relationships this time around. Yes, he may have blood on his hands, but he was still able to make relationships he wouldn't have been able to in Cagayan. I like this answer and I honestly believe it to be true. I don't think the jury is buying it, though. I think several of them still feel like chess pieces in Spencer's game.

Jeremy starts off by once again telling everyone he's there for Val and for Jordyn and Camryn. If he didn't already have it, he now has Savage's vote. But he goes on to tell them that right before he left, Val tells him she's pregnant. So, he's out there missing it and worrying about it. But then she comes for the family visit and she's fine. The baby's fine. And it's a boy. And he can't even tell anyone out there that he's gonna have a son because it could mess up his game. So. his second chance is all about family.


And with that, the only thing left to do is vote. We take a quick break and Probst sends them off to vote. He reminds them that they are voting FOR someone this time. Savage, you're up. We don't see it, but we hear Joe's comments. He says it was a really hard decision for him because " guys really battled it out." We don't see the vote, but we hear Kelly Wiglesworth say, "Fate was on your side tonight."

We are actually shown no votes through the whole thing. That can only mean one thing, but I'll wait until we get to Los Angeles for the reading of the votes. As Jeff walks out, Kass whispers, "I hope he gets on a jet ski." But alas, he doesn't. Weak!!! It's just him walking into the live finale, which we've already seen like sic times. Bring back the production values, man!!

Anyway, let's get to the votes. First vote, Jeremy. Second vote, Jeremy. Ah, why put it off. It's a 10-0-0 vote - Jeremy is the winner of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. It was really never in question. He had a masterful final Tribal Council to follow up a spectacular game. And when they don't show you ANY of the votes, you know it's a clean sweep for whoever wins. I am, however, surprised that Spencer didn't even get a vote. He played a really good game and actually had a decent final Tribal. I think his humility came off as fake where Jeremy's came off as genuine. Tasha seems to have been seen as the coattail rider and they never get votes. So, huge congrats to Jeremy Collins, the winner of Survivor 31!!


Some after the show stuff. It should be mentioned that five days after winning the million dollars, Jeremy's wife, Val, gave birth to Remi Bodhi Collins, a happy healthy baby boy! Also, Kelly Wiglesworth has revealed that her number was (much like Greg Buis before her) "whatever number Jeremy chose." I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that this is now two winners in a row for me. One more and that's called "a winning streak."

Probst did give us a sneak peak at Season 32, which was actually wrapped before Season 31 even started. It's another Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn season that was shot in Cambodia. From the preview he showed at the finale, it looks like we're gonna get to see a lot of Dr. Joe, as it appears we'll have some serious medical issues and more than a couple med-evacs in what is being called the most dangerous season of Survivor yet. Thanks to Ben for keeping up with the Power Rankings this season and we'll be back in February for Season 32, Survivor Kaoh Rong: Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty! 'Til then, take care!

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