Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

December 22, 2015

Joining the record books as one of the few people to vote herself out.

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Hello, good people! Tonight's the night! Season 31 of Survivor has been a great season through 13 episodes, and tonight's finale should keep up that trend. We're down to the final six and I feel I have to mention that my pre-season Final 3 are all still in the game. (That was Jeremy, Kelley Wentworth and Tasha, by the way.) And I have to say, with Jeremy and Kelley both having hidden idols, two-thirds of my final three seems to be in pretty good shape. Tasha was targeted last week, but Spencer stuck by her side and helped send Abi to Ponderosa.

So, let's set the table for tonight. Six people are left. Jeremy has to be the front-runner at this point. He has an idol and has never been the target. His biggest threat is Spencer, but they seem to be working hand in hand in this game, which means Jeremy may never be challenged. Spencer has been Jeremy's right hand man (or has Jeremy been his?). Spencer has some big kills on his resume and I would be interested to hear his final three speech. He is a challenge threat and has no protection of any kind. So, he'll be relying on the bonds he's made to carry him to the end. Tasha has been right there with Jeremy and Spencer for the bulk of the post-merge. She was left out of the loop once, though, and that might mean that she's not in as good a position as she thinks. I think she'll have a hard time selling her game to the jury at this point as she seems to have benefited from Jeremy's and Spencer's games.


Kimmi has been the ultimate coattail rider. She's made small moves here and there, but she would only have been considered the decision maker a couple of times. I think she would have the toughest sales job ahead of her. Keith has never been more Keith than he was last week. He forgot Tasha's name, made a weird reward choice, spit a few times and once again, voted for the wrong person. I don't know what his total is, but I'm sure he holds the record for "most votes voting for the wrong person." And yet, he stays in the game. He's a challenge beast and could very well screw up Jeremy and Spencer's plans to go to the end. In a regular season, Keith is so likable that a Final 3 appearance would guarantee him the win. But in this season, I can't see the jury rewarding him for having no idea what was going on, ever. He and Kimmi are at the bottom of the totem pole for "most likely to win this season."

And finally, it's Kelley Wentworth. I list her last because that's pretty well where she's been all season. She has played the most Sandra-esque game since, well, Sandra. Kelley has been a vote for hire this entire season. As long as it wasn't her, she has been willing and able to float on the wind from vote to vote. The one time she hit people's radar, she had the biggest idol play in Survivor. And, oh by the way, she has ANOTHER idol in her bag right now. So, if they come for her again, she'll be ready...again. If I were laying odds on the winner of this season, I'd have even odds on Jeremy and Kelley. I'd have Tasha and Spencer right behind them, and then Kimmi and Keith way back in the background. Okay, have you all read my rambling enough now? Let's get to the action!

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