Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

December 22, 2015

Joining the record books as one of the few people to vote herself out.

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Spencer starts working on the puzzle and Kelley gets her final step and heads up. Jeremy is next to the top, followed by Keith. Tasha is next, but pretty much out of it. Kimmi is ever farther behind. Kimmi finally gets to the puzzle, but Spencer and Kelley are making huge progress on the slide puzzle. And just like that, Spencer finishes the puzzle and wins his third individual immunity. As we head to break, Kelley tells us that she's putting all her faith in Kimmi to save her and Keith. If they let Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha continue on, everyone is screwed.

The tribe gets back to camp and congratulates Spencer on his win. Tasha is thrilled. That means that Keith and Kelley are both vulnerable. Meanwhile, Kimmi is headed off to get some water and asks Keith to help her go get it. At the watering hole, Kimmi makes her pitch to Keith. She tells him they're gonna split votes, but she will join them to vote out Jeremy. Back at camp, Spencer is asking Tasha what Kimmi's doing. He mentions that she had a long talk with Kelley in the hammock last night and now she's asking to talk to Keith. That doesn't sound right to them.

Meanwhile, at the watering hole, Kimmi is telling Keith that Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha would NEVER expect something like this. She tells him that all he has to do is vote Jeremy. Kelley is on board and she'll make the third and deciding vote. As we're hearing Kimmi, we flash back to camp and Kelley walks off. Spencer looks at Tasha and points out that Kelley just went to join them at the watering hole. Tasha says she thinks it makes Kimmi feel good to air-quote "play." Honestly, Kimmi IS playing. She's just doing it all wrong.


Kelley joins Kimmi and Keith and confirms that Jeremy is the play tonight. They're going to play it off by saying they're voting for each other. Kelley is super excited about this plan. If it works, it locks them into the Final 3. And c'mon, if you're Kelley Wentworth and you're sitting in the finals with Kimmi and Keith - you may as well start figuring out how you want to spend your million.

The next conversation we see is the core alliance: Tasha, Spencer, Jeremy and Kimmi talking on the beach. Spencer brings up splitting the vote and Kimmi is all over it. Girls vote Kelley, guys vote Keith and it's a done deal. Jeremy tells us that they're worried about an idol, so splitting the vote makes perfect sense to guard against it. As Kimmi leaves the conversation, Tasha declares another player "a rat." What's the deal? Was Survivor Australia just full to the brim with rats? That's both players from that season that Tasha has declared a rat.

Anyway, Spencer tells Jeremy what Kimmi's up to. He says that her plan is to get them to split the vote and then she'll join the other two and vote out either Jeremy or Tasha. He tells Jeremy that they CAN'T split. Jeremy doesn't believe it. He says that Kimmi is with him and they need to stop "bugging out." Next up, Jeremy talks to Kimmi as they rock in a hammock. He asks her if she's solid in voting for Kelley, because if she flips now, it messes up everything. She confirms that she's with him and gets very emotional and teary eyed over the thought that she would bail on the alliance. Jeremy tries to calm her down by telling her that he believes her.

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