Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

December 22, 2015

Joining the record books as one of the few people to vote herself out.

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In confessional, Kimmi lets us all know how easily she can go from normal to shedding tears. She totally duped Jeremy and he bought it, hook, line and sinker. Jeremy tells us that his alliance is strong and with idols out there, everything could mess up. He is really hoping to save the idol for the next Tribal. He goes to Spencer and tells him they have to split the vote. Spencer tells him, again, that Kimmi isn't with them and a vote split right now would kill them all. They have to all vote Kelley. He's sure Kelley doesn't have another idol. Egads, Spencer. So right, yet so wrong. Even though he's sniffed out the plot, if Kelley plays her idol, it's all for naught. Unless, of course, Jeremy decides to play his, just in case. Spencer tells us that when it gets to five, the three-person alliance controls everything. And if they don't get this vote right, they'll all be sitting there saying that they almost had it and made the wrong call.

We get to Tribal and the jury comes in, looking all mad and stuff. I wonder if they practice before they come in. Anyway, we start with Jeremy. Does he feel the game tightening around him? He says that the voting blocs are going away and being replaced by a tight alliance. Kelley sees it as she and Keith are on the bottom and the other four are tight. Tasha doesn't necessarily agree with that. Kimmi believes that the vote tonight is between Keith and Kelley. Keith says that he's planning to do anything to get that one more step.

Jeremy and Spencer admit that there's a lot of idol talk. Spencer tells Jeff that the four-person alliance had made a deal to split the votes. He says that he, Jeremy and Tasha are not good to split the votes anymore. He acknowledges that he purposely left Kimmi out of that. He says they're voting three strong on one person and Kimmi can either get with them or draw rocks. The jury loves this!


Kimmi is frustrated that because she talked to someone out of the alliance that now she's being threatened. Keith says that they just need to do what they planned to do and that we're likely looking at a showdown. As he's talking, Spencer mouths to Kelley, "You're good." Probst, of course, picks up on that and asks Kelley about it. She says that she doesn't trust Spencer because she trusted him last time. He says that he totally understands, but now is time to get on board, or they're going to rocks. It should be mentioned here that, with the necklace around his neck, this is the royal "we"; because Spencer will be immune from a rock draw. He seriously has nothing to lose here.

Jeremy still doesn't think all of this is necessary. He thinks they could just stop this and start making their path to the Final 3. Jeff asks Kimmi about being out on an island right now. She says that she's not in the top three. Jeremy says that she's not necessarily right about that. Keith and Kelley insist that she is #4 on the pecking order. Jeff then asks each of them if they know how they're voting. They all say yes, and it's time to vote.

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