Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 14 - Lie, Cheat and Steal - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest

December 22, 2015

Joining the record books as one of the few people to vote herself out.

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The episode begins, naturally, with a live shot of the finale audience?? C'mon now. Every minute spent live with Probst and the audience is one less minute that can be spent on the people we actually want to see. Stop it now! Get to the damn show. Once Jeff finally stops wasting our time, we get the full on season review. Okay, so the show FINALLY begins and we're back at camp after Tribal. Keith does not understand the vote for Abi. He says that he'd want to be sitting next to her at the end and everyone else should too. Spencer tells him that's EXACTLY why she had to be voted out. The thought that she could possibly take his spot in the Final 3 hasn't caught up with Keith yet. But it will.

Spencer tells us he's thrilled that Abi is gone. Back at camp, "You just said, I'd rather sit next to Abi than Spencer. That's a reason for Spencer to vote Abi out," Spencer explains. Kimmi tells us that with Keith and Kelley firmly planted on the bottom, this could be her opportunity to swoop in and make something happen. A little while later, we join Kimmi and Kelley in a hammock talking strategy. She tells Kelley that she thinks that the two of them and Keith could make a deal. If she can get Jeremy, Tasha and Spencer to split the vote with her (idol paranoia abounds) that she could flip sides and her third vote with Kelley and Keith could decide who goes home.

This is actually a brilliant plan. All she has to do is get her alliance to agree to split. That shouldn't be too hard, considering they've been splitting all season. The hard part here might be to get Keith involved here and not mess it up. Talk about the potential for another "stick to the plan moment." As Kimmi prepares to secure the Final 3, we head to the opening credits.


And we're back with an on-island Probst sighting! We get an aerial shot of a massive immunity challenge. Lots of steps will prove to be daunting I'm sure. They'll race to collect a bunch of puzzle steps. They'll use those steps to make their way up this huge platform. Once at the top, with all steps in place, they'll have to do a slide puzzle. First person to complete the slide puzzle wins immunity and a one in five shot at a million dollars. Jeff lets them know that from here on, none of these challenges are repeats. There will be no advantages or second chance stories the rest of the way.

Everyone starts off and it's a pretty even challenge as Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha are just ahead of the others as they all complete their first section of steps pretty quickly. The hard part of the challenge is that you can only take one step at a time. If it's wrong, you have to go back down to get another step. As Jeff explains this, Jeremy and Tasha both have a wrong piece and head back down. Spencer is now leading the way as he hits the third section of pieces. Jeremy is wrong again, leaving Kelley as the only challenger to Spencer right now. Spencer places his final step as Kelley heads down for her second-to-last step.

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