The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 11 Recap

It's Not Easy Beating Green

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 8, 2015

Kiss the race goodbye.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, it was the same old story. #TheGreenTeam dominated again, winning yet another leg. As Justin keeps mentioning, they’re on track to set the record for most first place legs if they win this leg and the final leg. Of course, there are three teams still in the Race, and every one of them is hoping to see Justin & Diana out of the race today.

Although #TheGreenTeam U-Turned Logan & Chris, #ThePaparazzi still managed to stay in the Race by virtue of the fact that a truly terrible team was still running. Thus, we said goodbye to Denise & James Earl, the mother/son team that was propped along just as long as was humanly possible.

Tonight’s previews promise some drama for Justin & Diana, which might just give some other team a chance to finish in the top spot. Hopefully, tonight really does decide our Final Three, unlike last season when we were thrown the swerve of seeing four teams go to the final leg.

We begin tonight’s episode in Agra, India, where Justin reminds us that he had said you don’t want to U-Turn someone if you don’t send them home. Yes, they’re dealing with the awkwardness that comes from having U-Turned #ThePaparazzi, but let’s be honest. It’s not like either of these two teams really liked each other, anyway. They weren’t going to be teaming up.


The contestants receive their first clue of the leg and are instructed to fly to Hong Kong. Once they’re, they’ll travel in style to their next location via Rolls Royce. Naturally, all of the teams are on the same flight, so departure times (and time lost during the U-Turn) are unimportant.

#TheReporters and #TheCheerleaders manage to find their cars first, while Logan & Chris wander around. Even with the slight cluelessness from #ThePaparazzi, all teams get en route to their next activity pretty quickly. It’s a Detour, where they’ll need to choose between Sam’s or Cells. For Sam’s, they’ll visit a famous suit maker, where teams will have to cut six pieces of fabric that must be cut to measure. For Cells, teams must search through a box of cell phones to find one that will turn on and give them a message about where they will travel next.

All teams except for #TheGreenTeam choose to go to Sam’s, so it will be interesting to see if Justin & Diana can get through what looks to be a needle-in-the-haystack challenge safely. Tiffany & Krista arrive at Sam’s first, followed closely by #TheReporters. The challenge is a little confusing at first – Tiffany & Krista are trying to measure on a mannequin, but Kelsey & Joey quickly figure out that they only have to trace the pattern on their fabric and start cutting.

The cell phone area is tucked into a busy area of town, but Justin & Diana manage to walk right up to it. There are baskets full of phones, and the two of them worry that they’ll be stuck there for a while. Meanwhile, Logan & Chris are finally at the suit making challenge, and they instantly start arguing about it. Logan worries that they shouldn’t be doubling up the fabric, while Chris thinks it’s the most efficient way. Generally, Logan would be correct, but not this time. #TheCheerleaders figure it out first. Shocking twist!

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