The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 11 Recap

It's Not Easy Beating Green

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 8, 2015

Kiss the race goodbye.

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The other three teams are headed to the City of Dreams and the House of Dancing Water. Joey figures that they haven’t seen Justin & Diana because they’re so far ahead of everyone else. At the House of Dancing Water, we have a Road Block. Team members will participate in a water show. They have to perform a 30-foot jump into some water. Once in the water, they have to dive down a ways and find a gold fish. Once they’ve finished this task, they’ll receive their next clue. Krista, Kelsey and Logan are handling the tasks for their teams.

All of the girls are a bit unnerved by the task ahead of them – their jump is a big one. Still, all of them make it into the water easily. It looks as though the hard part will be finding the fish. It’s dark, the water is bubbly, and the fish are fairly deep down in the water. We should note that if teams don’t find their fish before the music for the show ends, they have to go again. The show is about 20 minutes long, so missing it could allow Justin & Diana back into the game.

Logan and Kelsey both find their fish fairly quickly, so it’s looking like they’ll be our top two. Krista can’t locate hers before the music ends, so a door has just opened for #TheGreenTeam.

For the teams not looking for fish, they’ll be headed to the Pit Stop at Nam Van Lake. Phil tells us that the last team to check in will be eliminated. It’s entirely possible that after a season of domination, a bad cab ride for #TheGreenTeam will spell their doom. (The Amazing Race can be a cruel mistress.)


Diana isn’t able to get into her makeup and clothes in time to start the show during Krista’s second try. When she doesn’t show up, the waterworks start for Justin, who is certain they’re done. When she’s told she’ll have to wait for 20 minutes, Diana says, “That’s the Race right there.”

But wait. Krista isn’t able to retrieve her fish on the second try. She simply isn’t diving deep enough to find it. Now she’ll be joined on her third try by Diana, which puts #TheGreenTeam right back in the mix. Justin worries about her because she has panic attacks. He figures the challenge is more in his wheelhouse, and worries about her ability to finish. “I have to jump from here?” she asks. Maybe he’s right to be concerned.

She bravely jumps without hesitation. Krista is still swimming too high for fish, but Diana is hanging onto the wall. Finally, she dives and comes up with a fish. Krista, on the other hand, does not. With renewed energy, Justin shouts, “Don’t give up, Krista!” which pisses her off since he wasn’t offering any encouragement until he and Diana were back in the lead. Anyway, Krista will have to go through the entire process again.

It’s a close race to the matt between #ThePaparazzi and #TheReporters, but Logan & Chris eventually take the top spot. They win a trip for two to Peru, and we’re sure that they’ll argue the entire time they’re there – even during the romantic dinner for two. That means that Kelsey & Joey are second yet again. Of course, it doesn’t matter if they pull off the win in the next leg, right?

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