The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 11 Recap

It's Not Easy Beating Green

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 8, 2015

Kiss the race goodbye.

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Justin & Diana have already found their correct phone, which directs them to Kweilin Street. You’d think this would be great news for them, but they run to a taxi and ask the guy to take them to Kweilin Street. Problem is, Kweilin Street is right behind them. They’re already there. Obviously, the cabbie has no idea where he’s going and they drive off in oblivion.

On their first attempt, Kelsey & Joey get it just a little bit wrong. They figure out their mistake quickly, though, and go back to fix the problem. Then, Chris figures out that he was right about doubling the fabric as Tiffany & Krista get their suit approved and sent back to deliver it to Sam.

Justin & Diana are driving around, not yet realizing that they’ve made their first real catastrophic mistake. This gives #TheCheerleaders the opportunity to move ahead, as their clue tells them to take the Hong Kong Island ferry to the city of Macau. Once there, they will head to the House of Dancing, which makes Tiffany & Krista excited. They think the name automatically implies a dancing challenge, which will be easy for them. We bet it’s not that simple.

Having discovered their mistake, Kelsey & Joey have finished their challenge as well, while Logan & Chris snipe at each other. We head back to Justin & Diana and their very ineffective cab driver, who has no idea how long it will take to get where they’re going, and they start to wonder if something is up. He says the trip will be 45 minutes, and while their intuition tells them this can’t be right, they also don’t know what else to do.


#ThePaparazzi have also finished their Detour, so tonight’s leg is looking to have some intrigue. #TheGreenTeam is delivered in front of a hotel, which they know is wrong, so they point out the proper address again. Alas, they are far, far away from where they should have been, and Justin immediately starts freaking out. They probably lost a half hour, but still. Justin’s Ugly American definitely comes out. Diana calls him on it, at least.

Having received their next clue, Justin & Diana at least stop to find someone who can direct them where to go. He tells them that there are two different ferries, one on the Hong Kong side and one on the Kowloon side. He’s giving them directions to the Kowloon side because it’s closer, but the “WRONG!” music tells us that some mischief is afoot.

Logan & Chris handle things differently. Their cabbie tells them there are two ferries, and they show him the clue and inform him that they must go to the Hong Kong side. The guy is annoyed, but acknowledges that they do need to go to the one that is a further distance away.

So, #TheCheerleaders, #TheReporters and #TheGreenTeam are all on the Hong Kong ferry to Macau. When Justin & Diana arrive at the Kowloon gate, they note that they are supposed to be on the Premiere line, and the lady helping them says it’s only available on the Hong Kong side. Justin says, “Whatever,” and they go ahead and get their Kowloon tickets. This seems like a pretty significant mistake.

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